Dear Michael Lucas,

I am Claudio Buttinelli, translator and foreign relations officer of PCIML, whose Secretary-general Domenico Savio know you very well as he participated in the World Congresses in Toronto in 2001 and 2005, presided just from you. And in these years I send you so many writings of Savio and often have been published on NSC. I apologize if I write you only now but for some reason I had my computer unusable for a virus, and therefore only a few days ago the updated of Mr. D’Angelo about what happened to you. After a moment of shock, I'm glad to read that you are now recovering at home from the heart attack and ictus. At once I have said this to the Secretary Savio and he expressly want to send the best and sincere wishes for a speedy recovery, you are not only an institution for NSC but also for the whole Russia, at least tine true Stalinist, Leninist Russia that you described so well, so poetically well in all these decades. Your mission is not finished, at age 88, regarding your age, happy birthday Michael, occurred a few days ago, you can still give lessons on what is Communism, Marxism -Leninism to these young persons, you know there are young people who look old and mature who seems young for the vigor, force and she you are one of them.

I know that what has happened is terrible, it is necessary patience, care, prayers, even if we are not Catholics... but I'm sure in a next issue we will see your picture, and under your editorial, your mythical editorial, because you have no alternative, that is, dear Michael you will return one day to write on NSC, to write your editorial, which in recent years has been the lighthouse for many thousands of people, not only readers of the NSC.

For this reason I struggle with and for you so that you can recover, and in the meantime, if you let me as asked from the updated, as done the same in the past, I give my little contribution for the next issues of NSC sending new documents on international politics and other of the Secretary Savio and also of CONUML, the National Committee of Marxist-Leninist formed by the same PCIML and by Communist Platform. I hope as other readers that these contributions can create a great issue of NSC, knowing really the difficulty to carry out an issue with this situation, but I am sure that your work and our work will give rise to an issue of NSC that all of us will dedicate to Michael, I can say: we work waiting for your return!

A dear salute to you and your family, thank you if you have read this my email.

Brotherly regards,

Claudio Buttinelli


Dear Michael Lucas and Comrades-

Sincere greetings to you on May 9th – day of victory of the Proletarian Revolution and Socialist Internationalism and the defeat of Fascism, and all those that support them today.

Collective of Dialog Journal Liubomir Gejny

I have yet to receive the December issue of Northstar Compass, although I did get the March issue. I would greatly appreciate it if I could get a print copy of it, as is has, some articles in it that I sent to be published. I am continuing my effort in awakening the workers to the class struggle in the US. The area in which I live is very low income, including myself. Otherwise, I would lend monetary support to the cause. The US is ripe for proletarian revolution, but it must be disguised as a movement unrelated to Socialism, for American get uneasy when any topic relating to Communism is discussed openly. I am not referring to the CPUSA, for that has been infiltrated by hard line Democrats, which use the CPUSA to detract from our ideals. We must take action with food drives and other programs that boost the condition of the worker. I wish for you a speedy and healthy recovery, for I firmly believe you are one of the last great Communists.


Dear Friends and Comrades,

I’d like to express our well wishes to the chairman of the international council and editor on Northstar Compass Michael Lucas. The Slav committee of the Czech Republic wishes to comrade Michael the recovery. We appreciate highly his all life struggle against the injustice of capitalism and for the better social future.



Dear Comrade Canadian friends of Soviet people and Editorial Board of NSC,

With Victory Day! Health, success in our common struggle for peace and socialism. We released 2 issue website in Russian to the Victory day.

V. Chechentsev
A. Lashin
N. Yacunov
M. Donchenko


Dear Comrade Michael Lucas,

We deep sorry your illness. We hope that yours strong and example, help for you recovery.

With all heart and strong wishes.

Irma Tapia Sieclitz
Carlos Oplka Tapia


Dear comrade Lukas!

You are a huge planet around which we are spinning in every part of the world. We are your true friends, who believe in your friendship and admire your versatile talent and feverish activity aimed at (as it was done almost 90 years ago protecting the young Soviet Russia) revival of the Soviet Union.

Even in my political destiny of ordinary soviet citizen you have left an indelible mark: I use your wonderful pictures from NSC in my fight against the enemy оf our planet – USA-NATO.

It is early spring. Usually at this time of the year our sores become worse, and I thought since we didn't see the last issue of NSC if it was the case with you.

I got sick too, but I was lucky, because laying in my bed I could watch your picture on my wall imagining you working on it. What a deep philosophy in this picture! And how wonderful is our planet which the Americans are destroying with uranium here and there! Gits!

We don't have to describe the events in Ukraine; it is enough to mention the countries where the USA had their foot on – Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria... the scenario is the same.

Dear Michael! We missed NSC, your editorials, the photos of protest from Moscow and Kiev, Syria and the wonderful photos of Stalin!

I believe that Good to which you dedicated all your life, will win in the end!

I embrace you!

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