Solidarity with Yugoslavia Needed

Dear comrades,

Catastrophic floods affected specific areas of Serbia and Bosnia & Herzegovina, which caused great material damage and took dozens of human lives.

The cause of natural weather disasters, heavy rains which caused the floods, are primarily serious ecological problems caused by global warming, which is the result of non-existence of planned and ecologically sustainable economy, as well as exhaustion of natural resources beyond all measures, with the purpose of maximization of profit. The imperative of imperatives in capitalism, the profit of capitalists, shows its irresponsible, greedy and ecocidal side in the most brutal way, exhausting and destroying planet’s resources, ignoring the extreme natural disasters as inevitable side effects. Such brutality is currently most obviously felt by our citizens. However, it is necessary to mention that natural disasters would cause much less damage if the infrastructure of our country wasn’t in such desperate condition, which is the consequence of corruption and plundering by foreign and domestic capitalists and their bourgeoisie parties. The question that should be especially asked in this situation is why was an important part of heritage of the socialist development of our homeland – civil defense, destroyed? Civil defense was organized on the territorial principle, and in case of emergencies, it could always without any difficulty, mobilize great number of trained and which is perhaps even more important, well equipped citizens. On the local level, the civil defense possessed a storehouse and supplies which today are plundered, that contained all the necessary equipment, including boats, flash lamps, rubber boots...

In these moments, we invite all to show solidarity and offer every possible necessary support and help to the threatened population in the affected areas. Primarily there is a need of blankets and mattresses, toiletries, dippers, powdered milk, water, canned food and packaged meals. We would like to ask you participate in providing aid which is necessary to couple hundred thousand citizens who are now left without their homes, through humanitarian organizations and an organization of Red Cross in your country, or in any other way.

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