International Women's Day Celebration held by Toronto CFSP

Michael Lucas, Editor of NSC welcoming guests

Heidi Trampus and Barry Zwicker,
the two main speakers at this important event

Members and friends gathered on March 7 at the Friendship House in Toronto to celebrate this important date in the history of the women's movement all over the world.

The meeting hall was decorated with posters, photo exhibits of the struggles of women and the successes that were achieved under Socialism in the USSR.

Michael Lucas opened up the proceedings and introduced the speaker, Heidi Trampus who gave a very interesting historical sketch of International Women's Day to great applause of the audience.

Frank Trampus, Chairperson of the Toronto Branch of the CFSP introduced Barry Zwicker, the well-known writer, publisher, TV personality- and author of books on 9/11 who spoke on the Invisible Government and the present situation in the world.

There were greetings read from the Soviet Friendship Society with Foreign Countries; Working Women Organization of Pakistan; Nina Andreeva, General Secretary of the All Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks, Leningrad; Dr. Adelard Paquin, Editor of NSC French Edition; Irina Malenko, Northern Ireland; Sonia Boshko of Boston, USA and Maria Donchenko, Moscow, Russia.

Kosta Parousis entertained the
members and friends with songs.

A poem was read dedicated to this day written by Stojanka Petrovic. This was followed by songs performed by Kosta Parousis and a raffle of prizes.

Many toasts were drunk before and after a very appetizing buffet spread was served. Literature table was filled with a display of NSC and newspapers, leaflets and brochures from the progressive movements and Communist parties.

There were read many greetings to Michael Lucas on his 84th Birthday and everyone stood up to sing him Happy Birthday.

The history of the International Women's Day by Heidi Trampus was very informative since it showed the struggles that were waged and that are still waged now. Barry Zwicker was an encyclopedia of information about the Invisible Government.

1: Decorated Ballroom; 2: Frank Trampus, Toronto Branch; 3: Liudmila Pogoryelova; 4: Helen Lucas; 5: Marina Krasnov; 6: Barry Zwicker and Frank Denson;  7: Liudmila Pogoryelova and friend; 8: John Baby and Jesse Papapalous 9: Katarina Kostic, Mike Celik, Stojanks Petrovic

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