CFSP/NSC held an event that was dedicated to Stalin's Birthday

J.V. Stalin 1879-1953

Above: Barry Zwicker
Below: Kosta Parousis - For USSR

Above: Michael Lucas, President of the International Council, Editor of NSC, proposed a toast on Stalin's birthday with Frank Trampus, Chair of Toronto Branch sharing the moment.
Below: Sergei Gavrilov presented a replica of the famous Soviet WWII Tank made at the "Tankograda" Cheliabinsk. This presentation received a standing ovation from all present. Many thanks to Sergei and Irina Gavrilov.

The Toronto Branch of the Canadian-Soviet Friendship Society held a meeting-social dedicated to Stalin's Birthday that was celebrated on December 21 in many countries of the world, including in Moscow and other Soviet cities.

Pavel Krasnov gave a talk about the importance and meaning of Stalin and his policies not only for the Soviet people but for the whole of mankind. He also very systematically demolished with historical facts all of the anti-Stalin lies and propaganda by the nationalists and anti-progressive elements, outside the borders of ex-USSR, but also by the present internal revisionist traitors who are now in power. When he finished there were other speakers who wanted to give their voice on this great historical figure. There was one Ukrainian nationalist figure, who was vicious and foaming at the mouth, yelling that Stalin killed 30 million Ukrainians. Members could not take this diatribe and he was asked to leave.

Barry Zwicker spoke about the false flag operations all over the world by US Imperialism and the danger of fascism for mankind. He received great applause by the audience. There were other ex-Soviet comrades who spoke and Sergei and Irina presented the Association a replica of the famous Soviet Tank of WWII.

There followed a buffet, a raffle of prizes & entertainment. Many new members were signed up for NSC and CFSP membership. The Meeting-Social ended with the singing of the International.

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