Canadian Friends of Soviet People Celebrated the 82nd Anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution

In Toronto, at the Friendship House where the auditorium was filled with people who came down to celebrate this great day in the life of not only the Soviet people, but of the whole mankind.

The Carpathian Room was decorated with Soviet posters, photographs and a very festive air prevailed as Soviet music was playing as the guests were talking and getting acquainted with each other. The tables were all decorated with red table clothes, Canadian and Soviet flags, plus a flag of Cuba in honor of our guest from the Cuban Consulate in Toronto.

Michael Lucas, Chairman of the International Council and Editor of NSC opened the festivities with words of welcome and then read some of many greetings to this event from the All Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks – Nina Andreeva, General Secretary. Words of thanks were read from Andrei Yakovenko, Soviet political prisoner from Donetsk Region, Ukraine. This was followed by greetings from the Union of Communist Youth of Yugoslavia -the greetings were accepted with great applause.

Jorge Sorenson, Council of Cuba spoke about the history of the USSR since 1917 and the great help that the Soviet Union rendered Cuba all these years and what Cuba is doing now, despite the embargo and American provocations.

This was followed by a member of the CFSP Pavel Krasnov, who spoke what it was like to live under Socialism and what the Soviet people have lost with the demise of the USSR.

Phil, the organizer of the YCL of Canada spoke about the 1917 Revolution and what it means to the whole world and how it is up to the young people to organize and struggle for Socialism and the rebirth of the USSR

After that there followed an excellent   performance   by   young people of the Azar Dance and Music Ensemble who thrilled the audience with their dances from Azerbaijan and Georgia. They had to do encore after encore to the delight of the audience.

There followed a raffle of great Prizes, as well there as a display of NSC, newspapers and two tables full of Soviet memorabilia.

A very goof Buffet was served and many toasts were drank to the Great October Revolution and  for Peace.

The evening ended with the playing and singing of the International.

Top: Michael Lucas, Chair of the International Council and Editor of NSC reading greetings to this event from many parties and organizations.

B/L: Jorge Sorenson, Cuban Counselor, speaking about the meaning of the October Revolution.

B/R: Frank Trampus, Chair of the Toronto CFSP.

1) Raffle prizes
2) Soviet memorabilia exhibit
3) John Levin-Turnerpresenting an Aeroflot replica to Cuban Consul
4) Helen Lucas making an appeal for the $40,000 NSC campaign
5-6-7) Carpathian Room was filled to capacity with members and friends who enjoyed the event and the entertainment

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