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"Where Does the Political Left Go From Here?"

Barry Zwicker
Kosta Parousis
Barry Zwicker:
journalist, author

Kosta Parousis
provided songs

On Sunday, June 25, the distinguished Canadian author Barry Zwicker spoke at the historic Friendship House, sponsored by the Toronto Branch of the Canadian Friends of Soviet People. Barry Zwicker, a former TV host and producer, journalist and author is the creator of the documentaries "The Great Deception" and "The Great Conspiracy: The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw".

Zwicker addressed a number of pressing issues facing progressive forces, and despite the serious nature of the topic, the speaker was in good spirits, jovial, full of humor, He began by contextualizing contemporary capitalism, which he characterized as "the most entrenched form of oligarchy in history", as the latest phase in a long history of class divided societies where a small wealthy minority holds power in society and dominates the working majority.

In outlining his strategy for the political left, the author suggested that the contemporary right-wing has a decided advantage, due to the corporate control and monopoly over the media and other forms of mass communication, where they are able to portray the current economic and social order as "natural", and in the interest of all, while ignoring, mocking, or attacking critics.

Perhaps the most fascinating component of Zwicker's speech was his outlining of some of numerous ways that state intelligence agencies (the CIA, FBI, etc.) have waged a relentless, covert war against the political left, working feverishly to disrupt, infiltrate, and undermine those organizations that are critical of the established power, who struggle for a more equitable, fair and humane social order.

While providing a sobering analysis of the great lengths that conservatives go to in order to obscure the real workings of the capitalist system, including "making socialism a bad word", Zwicker suggested that we should be very positive and excited about the future and the prospects for real and fundamental change. Compared to previous generations, we now have access to a vast army of critical and progressive alternative media and information, with growing numbers of people becoming critical of ongoing wars, economic crisis and corporate abuse.

With the current economic and political crisis, more people will begin to challenge the status quo, and be drawn into social movements. The author ended by suggesting that the "9/11 Truth Commission", and the growing number of people questioning the official US State Department version of the events around 9/11 (Zwicker and his supporters strongly suggest that the US was complicit or involved) may prove to be the ultimate downfall of the US ruling class.

Happy trio after the successful presentation by author the author and journalist. Left: Frank Trampus, Chair of CFSP, Toronto, Barry Zwicker, Michael Lucas, Editor of NSC, Chairman of the International Council.

Trampus, Zwicker, Lucas
The talk was followed by questions and answers from the audience, a performance of Greek and Russian folk music by recording artist Kosta Parousis, an auction of Soviet paraphernalia, and a lunch buffet enjoyed by all.

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