May Day and Victory Day Celebrations in Toronto, Canada

This important event was organized by the Toronto Branch of the Canada-USSR Association as well as by Northstar Compass journal on May 17, 2009. The event was a success with the Friendship House being decorated with photographs of the Great Patriotic War.

As the guests were coming in, there was Soviet wartime songs and music playing, while people were looking and taking Soviet literature, copies of Northstar Compass as well as other literature.

One of the tables had Soviet war memorabilia, model Soviet war model airplanes, war-time flags, tanks and Soviet Army insignias that were displayed by member Jon-Levine Turner.

After the official opening by Frank Trampus, Chairman of the Toronto Branch, Michael Lucas called upon our Canadian War Veterans to speak about their experiences during the war. First veteran was Anton Kulchin, followed by Bill Harasym and Bill Parish, This was followed by a Soviet War Veteran who now lives in Canada, Veneamin Fromkin – all the veterans had their medals on their chest jackets. One of our young members, Andrei Krasnov translated from Russian into English.

These Veterans received a standing ovation from the people and after drinks were passed around, a toast was made to these veterans on this special occasion,

An auction was held for the NSC Sustaining Fund of acrylic paintings donated by Michael Lucas, a Russian Samovar, a model Soviet MIG airplane.

A buffet was served and many toasts were made to the Soviet Red Army, to Stalin and to the Victory over fascism. Kosta Parousis then entertained us with Russian and Greek melodies.

In conclusion to this Day of Victory, we had a documentary video shown of the Victory Day Parade on Red Square in Moscow.

From l to r: Anton Kulchin, Bill Harasym, Veneamin Fromkin

Photographs by Steve Sajban, Frank Trampus and Mike Celik

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