International Women's Day Celebration Held in Toronto

Head table – Frank Trampus, Michael Lucas, Jorge Soberon

By the Canadian Friends of Soviet People and NSC
Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Celebration started when honored guests took their seats at the Head Table and welcomed by Michael Lucas, Chairman of the International Council and Editor of NSC. Frank Trampus, Chairman of the Toronto Branch of the CFSP, opened the proceedings by having Heide Trampus introduced the Cuban Consul Martha Valdes de Saa who spoke about "Women and the Cuban Revolution". Frank Trampus also introduced Jorge Soberon, the Cuban Consul General and Elisa Valdes de Saa, Consul of Cuba.

Her report was very warmly received with great applause.

This was followed by excellent presentations about the role of women in former USSR by Marina Krasnov, from Russia and Liudmila Pogoryelova from Ukraine. This was followed by Janaki Balakrisanan of the South Asian Women’s Center and by Mithi Esguerra from the Philippine organization in Canada.

Cuban Consul Martha Valdes de Saa
Right – Janet Rodrigues, interpreter

The reports were very much appreciated and pointed out the struggles of the women were going through and still going through in the capitalist world, as opposed to the freedom and equality that women enjoyed under Socialism.

A poetess Stojanka Radenovic-Petkovic read her poem dedicated to women of the world. This was followed by a raffle of three prizes.

Buffet and refreshments were served to all and many toasts were proposed to the International Women’s Day.

Helen Lucas, Financial Secretary of CFSP and NSC appealed for donations and edges towards the $40,000 NSC Sustaining Fund to help publish the English, French, Russia and Spanish editions of Northstar Compass. After the collection, she reported that there was collected $325.00.

Entertainment was provided by two young Sri Lanka girls – Nitharsiga Thavapalan and Janaki Balakrishnan.

Music and songs brought great applause as performed by Kosta Parousis, the vice chairman of the Toronto Branch of CFSP and Valerie Kovalenko.

The celebration ended with the playing of the International.

Frank Trampus
Janaki Balakrisanan

Mithi Esguerra
Liudmila Pogoryelova

Kosta Parousis entertained everyone
Stojanka Radenovic read her poem

Heide Trampus introduced all the Cuban guests with a biographic sketch for the audience.
Helen Lucas, Financial Secretary of NSC and of the International Council, appealed for finances for the $40,000 NSC Sustaining fund to publish the four editions of NSC. After the collection was over, Toronto Branch of CFSP collected $325

Steve Sajban was the photographer at this International Women's Day celebration

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