The International Conference in Toronto, Canada

Professor Zbigniew Wiktor

In the month of October, 2008 there was organized an International Conference by the International Council for Friendship and Solidarity with Soviet Peoples and Northstar Compass journal. There were representatives from Canada, USA, Russia, Chile, India, Czech Republic, Turkey, Africa, Poland and Sri Lanka, representing different peace, party, and trade unions in the struggle against imperialism.

The main organizer of the Conference was Michael Lucas, Chairman of the International Council and Editor of Northstar Compass journal. Some people might question the existence of this organization since 1991 there is no longer the USSR after Yeltsin and his revisionists and traitors that followed dismembered the USSR and started on the road to build capitalism.

This Conference is another step since the First World Congress was held in 2001 to se up the International Council for Friendship and Solidarity with Soviet People, and then the Second World Congress in 2005, which was followed by conferences and other events, all dedicated to tell the truth about the dismemberment of the UDSR and Socialism, not only in the former Soviet Union, but in other former Socialist countries in Europe.


The two delegates from Russia– Dr. Vladimir Chechentsev and Maria Donchenko from the Soviet Society for Friendship with Foreign

Countries and the Russian Edition of Northstar Compass explained the situation in the life of the people, the hardships, with industries ceasing to exist, millions of workers out of work, very large emigration outside of Russia and other former Republics, all trying to find work. The standard of living has plummeted sharply while the corruption is rampant.

The prestige of even Russia has disappeared and in its place 15 countries are struggling to exist, while US imperialism has spread its claws and involved many of these former Soviet republics into NATO and the European Union. The ethnic clashes, the bloodshed amongst the former Soviet people is all instigated by US supported internal reactionary forces as well as by the outside elements that want to exploit the rich natural resources of the former USSR.

Putin and Medvedev represent the interests of the rich oligarchs and their foreign masters. Russia lost over one million of its people. These oligarchs that sell of the natural resources, bank all of their profits into offshore banks, like Abramovicz who has palaces and property in France, Spain, owns a soccer team in England – and it worth over 900 billion dollars. This is corruption and the Russian regime is involved in this robbery.

More and more Soviet people are remembering how it was under Socialism, the cooperation with China and other countries of the world. The capitalist economic crisis is getting worse and the people of Russia are suffering.


The same crisis is happening in European countries, which after the fall of their “real socialism” have been absorbed and now exploited in the European Union. Professor Svoboda and Minar from the Czech Slav Committee in Prague explained and enlarged on this economic problems as well as the crisis in former Yugoslavia as explained by Frank Trampus. The countries of Europe like Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania and former Yugoslavia have now become e semi-colonies of Imperialism.

The delegates from India, Senegal, Turkey, Chile, Philippines reported on the crisis in the economy, civil strife, the terror by government and the unstable situation in the economy, difficulties in struggles and assassinations that are common in these struggles.

Delegates discussed the crisis inside imperialist countries, touched upon the elections in America and the absolute need for unity amongst the anti-imperialist forces all over the globe

In this situation in the world as was discussed by all the delegates present at this Conference, there were many Resolutions proposed and discussed and then adopted. Amongst them was a resolution to be sent out – an Appeal that was adopted unanimously regarding the absolute necessity to establish a Communist International.

The policy and the influence of China and its dynamic development will have some influence on the anti-imperialist struggles all over the world.

I am certain that the decisions made at this important Conference will go a long way towards our goal of helping our Soviet comrades in their struggles for the resurrection of the USSR and Socialism and also the growing struggles in intensity against Imperialism.

Unfortunately we had to cut this very important article practically in half due to space reasons only.

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