Resolution Presented By Delegates from Moscow – Freedom for the Cuban Five

We address this International Council Conference and ask that you concur with this Resolution for freedom for the Cuban 5!

It’s been over 10 years that these Cuban patriots are being held in American prisons under strict conditions. They did not seek information that was hazardous to the US security – this fact was recognized by the US Court itself.

They were introduced into terrorist organizations in Miami. Their activity was aimed at preventing terrorist attacks on Cuba.

Imagine that some courageous people on this planet managed to inform the White House of preparations for the 9/11 attacks. Would the US citizens not recognize these informers as national heroes? And if in some unfriendly country those people were declared terrorists and given life sentences, would you not require justice and release of these heroes?

Then why do these Cuban patriots given a different treatment? Yes many Cuban immigrants in Miami do not like the government that exists in Cuba. But does this give them the right to blow up ships, planes, hotels and cultural centers in Havana? Don’t the people of Cuba have the right to prevent the violence in their own homeland?

Do you know that 340 Committees in struggle for the release of the Cuban prisoners exist in 109 countries?

Friends, ask your government to demand a fair review of these sentences. For more details see –

National Russian Committee of Struggle to Release the Cuban Five

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