Resolution of Protest to the Canadian Government

Whereas the International Council for Friendship and Solidarity with Soviet People held an International Council Conference from October 10-12, 2008 in Toronto;

Whereas Momar Sambe from Senegal and Vijay Singh from India and others were invited to be participants at the Conference;

Whereas as this Conference was hosted by the Canadian Friends of Soviet People, a legally registered Canadian organization;

Whereas the Canadian Government portrays itself as democratic and defender of human rights, including freedom of association and expression;

Be it resolved that the October 10-11-12, 2008 Conference of the International Council denounces the Canadian Government for denying visas to the above mentioned invited guests and depriving the International Council Conference of their association and expression.

Freedom for Turkish Prisoners

International Council Conference notes that October 24, 2008 is the 4th Court Hearing of the 23 Socialists and Communists in Istanbul, Turkey. They are in prison since September of 2006 for having organized the working class and laborers struggles for freedom and socialism. The Turkish fascist government wants to charge them to a total of 3,000 years in prison.

We condemn this attack on these Socialists and Communists of Turkey and North Kurdistan and demand that they should be released immediately!

Resolution on Kosovo

This International Council Conference condemns the illegal imperialist severance of Serbia’s province of Kosovo and the attempt by imperialism to legitimize this territorial theft by using diplomatic recognition of this new Kosovo entity.

We condemn the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia and the occupation of the Serbian province of Kosovo.

Be it resolved that the imperialist forces of occupation must vacate the Province of Kosovo and all of the Republics of former Yugoslavia.

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