International Council Report

By Michael Lucas
Chair & Editor of NSC

Dear comrades and friends:

On behalf of the Executive Committee of the International Council and of the Editorial Board of Northstar Compass, I welcome you to this very important International Council Conference at this Friendship House that symbolizes our dedication to Socialism and the rebirth of the Soviet Union! Our Slogan is correct, especially at this time – BACK TO THE FUTURE! BACK TO THE USSR!

I would especially like all of you to welcome those comrades who are here for the first time in Toronto, Canada, at this Friendship House - from Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, Chile, India, Turkey-North Kurdistan, Byelorussia, Czech Republic, Senegal, North Ireland and Iran. Dear friends – let us show them a warm welcome.

This International Conference is extremely important because much has transpired since our Second World Congress was held here in Toronto in 2005 – not only regarding our Friendship work, but in the political, economic and military confrontations all over the world caused by Imperialism in its quest for complete dominance of this planet.

As you might be aware of the decision that was taken by the Executive Committee of the International Council and also with great cooperation by the Soviet Society for Friendship with Foreign Countries, to hold the Third World Congress in Moscow in 2007, on the 90th Anniversary of the Great October Revolution. Everyone was enthused at this once in-a-lifetime opportunity and plans were well on the way to accomplish this great event. But what happened? Why was this Third World Congress cancelled? What was the reason? The Soviet Friendship Society was cooperating with the head of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow, Professor Dzhohadze who started to organize this event and he was in constant correspondence with the International Council and myself as Chairman. Those of you, who read NSC at that time, would know of the plans being proposed by Dzhohadze. He always called me a Professor, no matter how many times I told him I am not a professor! But I still remained a Professor to him!

Dzhohadze himself then appointed 13 Russian Professors to be in the Third World Congress Presidium, including the revisionist Zyuganov of the CPRF. He did not include anyone else from the International Council members who were elected by the Second World Congress, only myself! In other words, his plans and those behind this scheme was to take over and promote their own political platform at this Third World Congress in Moscow! I immediately informed all of the elected members of the International Council and of the Editorial Board of Northstar Compass of this, and asked for their opinion about holding this Third World Congress under these conditions. The Council and Editorial Board members all agreed UNANIMOUSLY to cancel this Third World Congress in 2007.

Of course Professor Dzhohadze in the Russian press blamed us and myself in particular for this cancellation – overlooking the unanimous decision taken by ALL the elected members who were elected by the Second World Congress!

Reading the many reports by the delegates from different countries that were translated and printed in English, Russian, French and Spanish.

Dear friends:

The situation in the world now is not only complex and dangerous, but it is also an opportunity for the progressive and anti-imperialist forcers to solidify their efforts in this struggle for peace in a more cohesive, meaningful and united way. In this struggle, we as the International Council for Friendship and Solidarity with Soviet People have a big role to play in helping the Soviet people to again become the bulwark for peace and to stand against the growing menace of US-NATO road towards fascism!

Much has been written about the temporary demise of the USSR, and this includes Northstar Compass, which many times is criticized even by some Communist leadership – telling us that we should be only friends and leave the struggles to the Communist Parties. But friends are friends because they care about each other and are trying to help one another! By constructive criticism you are a real friend!

I would like to quote a few lines from a leaflet that was issued in the US about forty years ago by the “Youth For Stalin” movement which expresses exactly what the present situation is now: “Since the death of Stalin, the two main characteristics of the international situation have been the contradiction between the oppressed nations and US Imperialism and the development of a policy in some socialist countries of ongoing betrayal of the world oppressed nations based on the growing ascendancy of the national bourgeois class in those socialist countries.”

These were prophetic words since the socialist camp is no more, and in its place was the birth of exploitative raw capitalism and growing cooperation with US Imperialism at the expense of the oppressed peoples of the world.

But the growing protests, the strikes, the demonstrations and the liberation struggles are ongoing in many countries of the world and in some they are successful and act as an example to other struggling movements and nations.

Besides Iraq and Afghanistan suffering death and destruction under the heels of US imperialism and NATO, the events and the causes of the conflict in Georgia are fresh in our minds. We know that US imperialism, promised that Georgia would be invited to join NATO, but after the intervention of Russia, this promise has been quietly shelved, even though US-NATO will not admit it. This means that if Georgia does not join NATO, Ukraine will have to think twice. The plan by US imperialism to get these two strategic Black Sea nations into NATO Alliance went up in smoke for now.

This could be a historic turning point for the Soviet people if they manage to join forces and unite in the struggle, not only against NATO but also against the present rulers of Russia, Ukraine, and Georgia as a start.

Since 1991 the West has rapidly expanded its influence ever deeper into former Soviet territory. The importance of the Caucasus is the focal point for this expansion, because (as was pointed out in the September issue of NSC) because of these strategic oil pipelines bringing Caspian oil to the West. Russian troops are within one hour’s drive of that pipeline.

Dear friends:

From my point of view, this NATO-Georgian aggression against South Ossetia has another aim – it is to try and consolidate all these traitorous leaders of the former Soviet Republics who declared their “independence” and thus promote ethnic strife amongst the people who formerly were united as the Soviet People. In this way, this is meant to bury any idea amongst these people of the rebirth of the USSR.

The present leadership of Russia is also to blame for this tragedy. They readily opened the door to US imperialism and now are trying to appease their own people who more and more are seeing through this mirage of “capitalist democracy”.

I’m certain that we shall hear from our Soviet comrades their opinion on this question.

What did the International Council and Northstar Compass achieve since the Second Congress?

What are the weak points in our work?

Dear comrades and friends:

This International Council Conference should try to tackle and solve some of the following tasks. Most of these tasks are listed in the Agenda and I would urge all of you to take part in the discussions.

Of course the disunity in the Communist movement in Russia (with 27 Communist Workers Parties existing there) affects our work in trying to convince our members and friends and trying to gain new members, and trying to convince them that there is a future when unity will be achieved. Disunity, fragmentation in all of the Communist-Workers Parties affects the work of friendship, progress and the united struggle against world imperialism. How was British Imperialism and its Empire built if not on Divide and Rule

The working class has an enemy – Capitalism! To fight it, it must be united!

Imperialism is united against Communism – to them this is the enemy!

Then why are we struggling amongst ourselves instead of against the enemy?

Are we trying to prove to each other that some of us are more Marxists, Leninists and Stalinists then they were! Who benefits from this internal struggle?

The answer dear comrades are an absolute need to establish a Communist International! There will be a resolution that will be proposed towards this noble aim.

Another weak point which should be addressed and discussed by us an the Soviet delegates is: What is the reason that up to now the decision adopted unanimously by the Second World Congress was that the Soviet Friendship Society with Foreign Countries should establish Friendship Society Branches in all or most of the former Soviet Republics in order to have a common strategy and, together with the International Council and NSC to help the Soviet People know that they are not alone in their daily struggles to resurrect the USSR!

So far as we are aware, having correspondence with Ukraine and Byelorussia and other former republics, no attempt was made to establish this Soviet Friendship Society with Foreign Countries. This should be rectified as quickly as possible.

In this regard I would like to point out that Manik Mukherjee from India at the Second World Congress made this Appeal to all delegates from 14 countries present – and this Appeal was adopted unanimously:

All Worker‘s and Communist Parties of different countries, as well as anti-imperialist forces in struggles for developing militant peace movements against war and exploitation, must face the task to quickly develop and promote in their countries the establishment of Society for Friendship and Solidarity with Soviet People to express their fraternity and solidarity to the Soviet people in their struggles against the present counterrevolutionary bourgeois regimes that usurped power and hiding under the cloak of patriotic nationalism and democracy.”

Dear comrades, the criticism by some Communist parties and their leaders aimed at us is this- “You are mixing into our domain and you must be neutral in the struggles” Well, our fathers and grandfathers in 1918 here in Canada and in many other countries of the world in 1918 established “Hands Off Russia Committee” and during World War II the “Aid To Russia Committee” - history proved that they were correct, even though most of them were not Communists, but they supported the Soviet Union, Socialism, Stalin and looked to the USSR as the only country defending the interests of the working class! This was not only friendship support - it was real political support! This is what NSC and International Council supports and is working for!

One of the very important reports was given by Dr. Adelard Paquin, Editor of the French Edition of Northstar Compass in Canada. His dedication to the Soviet People and Socialism is legend. Many more years of health, Adelard!

Dear comrades:

I would sincerely ask all of you to take part in discussing the future of Northstar Compass publication and its English, French, Russian and Spanish Editions.

We have much to be proud of the fact that we were able to publish NSC already going on 17 years. This is due to the voluntary labour and dedication to this publication. This is also due to the very generous help of the readers in financially supporting Northstar Compass. For those of you who are for the first time here at the Friendship House, this building belongs to the progressive organization - Society of Carpatho-Russian Canadians without whose help for the last 16 years NSC would not have been able to be published and grow. You will hear all this in the Financial Report to be given by the Financial Secretary, Helen Lucas.

At this time I would like to give special thanks to two members-comrades who over the years have very generously given thousands of dollars of financial support to NSC – please show our thanks to Sonia Boshko from U.S. and Rajendra Wadhawan of Toronto.

There were also suggestions by some members and readers that there should be a name change, such as -

  1. Since there is no Soviet Union anymore that our name should be changed to International Council for Friendship with Former Soviet People or “Former Soviet Union.”
  2. There were some suggestions that we should be only “Friends of Russia”.
  3. Judging by the constant e-mails I receive each day, I will not repeat where some of the e-mailers told me where to go – too many young people here!


Dear friends:

This question is of extreme importance for us to discuss and arrive at a beneficial answer in out work to influence more and more people, by using the technology that is available.

Now we print and mail all over the world, which involves cost of printing, cost of envelopes, rising cost of stamps, plus physical packaging and delivery to the post office.

Will sending it by Internet reach all people – some of who do not have a computer or do not know how to operate it?

Northstar Compass is being sent to over 60 countries in the world now.

Besides the printed version, NSC has a Web page – where each issue is put on the Web by George Gruenthal of New York, our Webmaster.

Dear comrades:

We should discuss the contents, the quality of printing, and the news that is printed in NSC each month. How can we improve it? How can we get more help from all f you?

There were some suggestions that there should be elected a new editor for NSC, to replace

this present 82-year old Carpathian Gypsy.

I sincerely hope that each one of you in concrete terms will discuss the future of NSC, touching upon the above suggestions.

Raffle of a paining by Michael Lucas. Zbigniew was the lucky winner.


Our Soviet comrades have let us know that they are striving to make arrangements to hold the Third World Congress in Moscow, in the Lenin Hills in 2009, but they need financial support in order to accomplish this great task.

After the delegates from Moscow report on this proposal, we all should discuss this undertaking very seriously since the situation there could change there for better or for worse.

In this regard, I would ask the Soviet friends to touch upon the latest development that took place in Russia – where the Russian Communist Workers Party headed by comrade Tiulkin united to become the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU) headed by Oleg Shenin.

Is this the beginning of a unified communist movement in former USSR?

If this is the truth, maybe there is a possibility that this unified CPSU will recognize the International Council for Friendship and Solidarity with Soviet People and help to sponsor and help to hold this Third World Congress in 2009!

This just might be the opportunity for the joint CPSU to approach the regime of Medvedev-Putin to grant yours truly a visa to Russia for the Third World Congress! Or is this just my wishful thinking?


This important question was discussed at the First World Congress, at the Second World Congress and no answer was arrived at. Again we have to discuss this question at this Conference – and at least make a concrete suggestion.

Logically, economically, politically the Headquarters should be in Europe for more effective communications, work, travel and get-togethers – instead of flying and expense of travel across the ocean.

We tried to have it in Brussels, Belgium, after the annual Communist Seminars in May there. But this was refused us. We tried also in Greece, but to no avail.

The new Chairman of the International Council should be located someplace in Europe, not here in Toronto at this Friendship House.

Dear comrades and friends:

I tried to be as brief as possible and to the point in these remarks – I hope that I have succeeded to a small degree.

I am asking all of you to take part in the discussions to follow and to try and help solve some of the problems that need solutions if we are going to help our Soviet comrades to fulfill the slogan that appears in front of you on the wall –


In conclusion dear comrades, may I voice the following with which we ended the ceremonies of the Second World Congress in 2005 –


Thank you for your understanding!

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