Resolution Adopted About the Trial of Polish General Wojciech Jaruzelski

We, the International Council for Friendship and Solidarity with Soviet People strongly protest against the trial of General Wojciech Jaruzelski and many other Polish Generals and also the former First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Polish Workers’ Party, Stanislaw Kania.

General Jaruzelski faces up to 10 years in prison if found guilty as charged. The charges against him are of having “directed an armed criminal organization for the purpose of imposing martial law on December 13, 1981.” This trial was launched at the behest of Poland’s Institute of National Remembrance (IPN) and is responsible for persecuting what they call the “Nazi and Communist era crimes.” The power behind these charges is the Catholic Church of Poland.

It is one of many trials against General Jaruzelski. In the previous trials the Polish government did not find any evidence or basis for any accusations. Now, these Generals are being accused by the pseudo-fascist forces of the Polish Conservative Party.

There is a growing and vicious anti-communist hysteria campaign in Poland. It is prosecuting all Polish patriots and all people who played a progressive role in the Polish Peoples Republic. This campaign and their hooligans are now destroying war monuments to the Soviet Red Army. They are also taking off the Polish patriots from the lists and taking away their pensions and benefits of the former civil servant. This church supported campaign glorifies the deeds of nationalistic elements and deeds of the Polish and Ukrainian helpers of German Nazism. It is an outright falsification of history of the 20th Century.

In 1981 General Jaruzelski served as Prime Minster of Poland. He was also the First Secretary of the Polish United Workers’ Party. On December 31, 1981 General Jaruzelski and the Military Council for National Salvation introduced in Poland Martial Law and in this way prevented an explosion of civil war, not only in Poland, but possibly in Europe and in the world.

The Generals and the Polish patriots must be cleansed from these vial accusations! Moreover, they must be given rewards and glory, respect and recognition, which rightfully belong to them!

Down with the persecution of General Wojciech Jaruzelski and his comrades!

Down with the persecution of communists and progressives of the Peoples’ Polish Republic!

Down with the offensive by the reactionary and fascist forces in Poland, Europe and in the world!


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