17 Years of Publishing Northstar Compass

Dear readers and supporters of NSC!

It will be 17 years, since the first issue of Northstar Compass was published in August of 1991 in Toronto, Canada by the “Concerned Friends of Soviet People”. That was the name chosen by a Conference of the ”Canada-USSR Association” after the break up of the USSR.

After a conference of Executive members from across Canada, it was unanimously decided to change the name of the friendship society to the “Canadian Friends of Soviet People” and carry on forward the work that was being done by the Canada-USSR Association” and the first friendship organization that was set up in Canada in 1918, headed by Dr. A. Lowrie – the “Hands Off Russia Committee.”

Before Northstar Compass was started to be published in Canada, there was the “Northern Neighbor” magazine and “Focus on Friendship” publication.

The popularity and influence of these friendship publications grew and now NSC is being read in 68 countries of the world and there is an English, French, Russian and Spanish edition.

The work of writing, translations, mailing and other work that needs to be done before a NSC issue reaches your hands is done all by the dedicated and volunteer work.

We just like to thank again the generous help that is given to not only NSC but also to the Friendship Society by the Society of Carpatho-Russian Canadians for all of these past 17 years, and for many years before that.

We just publish an assortment of covers and photographs on this 17th Anniversary of Northstar Compass.

The upcoming International Council Meeting on October 10-11-12 in Toronto, Canada will see Council members from 14 countries meet to discuss not only the future of Northstar Compass and its 4 different editions, but decide where the Third World Congress shall take place – in Moscow, Berlin or in London.

I am appealing to all the readers of NSC to send in your suggestions to the International Council meeting by the end of August of this year!

I am also appealing to you dear friends for donations to NSC Fund in order for us to improve the NSC quality, to gain more readership and to keep on going onward to build Friendship and Solidarity with the Soviet People!

Michael Lucas, Editor of NSC

Below We Publish the First Editorial of NSC, August 1991

This will introduce you to Volume 1, Number 1 of NORTH STAR COMPASS, a brand new publication in Canada. It is the official journal of the Concerned Friends of the Soviet People (C.F.5.P.), established some months ago as the pro-tem successor to the Canada-USSR Friendship Association.

Our purpose is to provide a monthly news digest of events in the successor republics of the former USSR, and of related events on a world wide scale. Such news will be gleaned from far and wide, of European, Asian and North American publications. It is our aim to exchange publications wherever possible, including in Russia and other republics as well. As we present our "News Digest" to you, we will offer brief, and we hope, pointed comment.

We have undertaken this because we are deeply aware that there simply does not exist ANY coverage of the world-shattering events arising from the dissolution of the former USSR that is not almost universally hostile, rampantly confusing and wildly pro status quo and supportive of the so-called, "New World Order" of Bush, the "Group of 7" and the Gorbachev-Yeltsin betrayal.

Such news (if it can be called that) unerringly promotes the worldwide aims and fortunes of transnational finance and industrial capital. To the best of our limited abilities, we will seek to provide an antidote (perhaps even an enema) to this stuff and expose "the other side" of the news... or some of the multiple sides of the news.

First cartoon published in NSC, 1991

Mafia controlled capitalism in former Soviet Union!
Even Rats Understand What Capitalism Is!

We are aware that you will not accept or sympathize with our views if you have accepted the widespread notions spread about on every side, that only monopoly capitalism, under the guise of the odious "free market economy" clap trap, has and will continue to provide humanity with "the best of all possible worlds".

Our view is that these transnational corporate forces would have us all entering some kind of new "dark ages" of wars, political and economic dictatorships, crisis, and social and cultural backwardness. For evidence, we invite you to view the wreckages of states; the current wars and catastrophes, including the ecology of our planet; the destabilizations and wiping out of democratic rights on a worldwide basis, and particularly among the majority in the underdeveloped world. Not to be forgotten is the very possible "balkanization" of our own beloved Canada.

It is with growing alarm, therefore, that we seek to establish this one tiny "gleam of light" in the foreboding darkness of corporate domination and unaccountability, to anything but their profit line.

Who are we? We speak independently of any political party or formation in this or any other country.

We are non-partisan and we have no hidden agendas. There are Communists among us, and there are non-Communists as well. There are among us deeply held religious commitments. Each in turn receives the same respect and gives voice on an equal and democratic basis. We believe that "by honest differences of opinion we shall arrive at sound conclusions".

But we are united in our total disagreement with those who insist that only by "privatization" and the total domination of individuals, nations, resources, technologies, social and physical sciences and development by transnational corporate power, can our species survive and prosper. We hold the precise opposite to be the road ahead, with the powers of the "corporate" monsters curtailed and controlled, or, if necessary, eradicated.

To the extent you find our work acceptable, to that extent we will succeed.

Soviet delegation being welcomed in Canada

Robert Kenny, Chairman, welcomes the Armenians

Bolshoi Stars welcomed by Michael Lucas, Secretary

Conference Delegates from across Canada
Receptions for Soviets were always packed

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