The North Star


T. Yakubovskaya, a member of the Prometheus Poetic Society, Stalino-Donetsk, Ukraine


By brown plague worms the World is eaten,
Money and meanness again are in fashion,
But through dark clouds of lie and evil
North Star Compass is steadily flashing.


And its bright light we now can see
In the USSR from faraway lands,
Because for ten years we’ve been happy to get
The North Star Compass from our friends.


Your rays are shining all over the world
And each ray is a fighter for creation.
So shine brighter, hotter and wider,
Ever-burning hearts of your constellation!


Ray Stevenson, Lucas couple, George Hess, Adelard Paguin,
George Gruenthal, Harpal Brar, Lois Singer and others,
The Fate gave you a great gift
To be fearless in arms brothers.


So struggle for the truth until Victory comes!
Step harder! Sharper sight! Keep close your glorious rows!
In the same column are granddads, fathers and sons –
Each generation the same way plows.


And in these days of violence and pressure
In the name of the Labor, Happiness and Peace
Might shine for us all brighter from Canada
Ever-burning North Star, the symbol of Peace.


Show their way to peoples of the whole planet
From poverty bondage to socialism.
I devote these lines to North Star Compass!
To you, the toilers of journalism!

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