90th Anniversary Celebration in Kiev, Ukraine


The celebration of the Great October Socialist Revolution tradition  which now was marred by the present Ukrainian regime barring us from marching on the main Kreshchatik Blvd. to the monument to Lenin in Kiev.  This was done in collusion with the present regime and the Kiev authorities, together with the leadership of the present fascist-nationalists in power, did everything possible to sabotage the meaning of this 90th Anniversary event. The “reason” they publicly gave was that the authorities did not want any battles between us (thousand strong) and the nationalistic demonstrators whose number was about 50 people! The authorities brought in an army of internal troops, commandos and also rapid response battle-ready troops of Internal Security of Ukraine.

In spite of this provocation, in spite of the bitter cold and also in spite that this was a working day (since the November 7th Holiday was outlawed even by former Leonid Kuchma in year 2000) there were thousands of people, the likes that was not seen in Kiev for a long time. We had to change our route from the walls of the legendary “Arsenal” to the European Square where a mass meeting took place.

In front of the marchers were the Communist Youth, dressed in uniforms of the Revolutionary Sailors and Red Revolutionary soldiers of 1917. These marches carried a sea of red flags, portraits of Lenin, Stalin and Dzerzhinski, while signs and slogans were “Peace to the world!” “Power to the Soviets!”, “The Ideals of Great October are alive and will live!”, “Down with Capitalism!”, “The future is in another Revolution!”, “We are against OUN-UPA and NATO!”, plus other revolutionary slogans.

The speakers were communists and non-party people, workers, farmers, representatives of the working and progressive intelligencia from Kiev and other cities, plus representatives of the Socialist parties. All demanded the ousting of President Yushenko, to struggle against the campaign to rehabilitate and recognize as hero-veterans these Hitler’s helpers of OUN-UPA as veterans.

At the end of this 90th Anniversary Meeting, the head of CC Communist Party of Ukraine, Peter Simonenko asked for unity of all the people and struggle against the creeping neo-fascism in the Ukraine. “A New Socialist Revolution is ahead of us. Wed will have unity of out brothers and sisters as we had before” he concluded.

This human manifestation adopted a “Plea to the Workers of Ukraine” in which it called for higher revolutionary activity of the workers to struggle against the nationalist, quasi-fascism that is being promoted, abetted and financed by the government of President Yushenko. The workers must struggle and demand the lowering of taxes and the price gouging on every day goods. Workers should not ask the exploiters but organize and stop these private capitalist robbers in their tracks. This can only be accomplished by a united working class and the urgent need for the formation of a Left United Front in Ukraine, headed by Communists!

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