The 16th Anniversary of Northstar Compass

Editor of French Edition of NSC

Allow me to congratulate members of the Editorial Board of NSC and especially Michael and Helen Lucas, on behalf of all the readers of the French Edition of NSC and on behalf of myself. This 16th Anniversary of our journal has a very great significance and a colossal meaning, now that we have English, French, Russian and Spanish editions. We must pay tribute to these two for their dedication, perseverance and sacrifices for this noble work. Also, because of them and the help by the Society of Carpatho-Russian Canadians we would probably not have been able to celebrate this 16th Anniversary of NSC.

NSC has always defended Marxism-Leninism and Stalin, and has helped all of us to identify the real cause of the temporary collapse of the Soviet Union, and at the same time, has shown all of us what the present capitalism has brought to the Soviet people.

Now with the deepening economic crisis in ex-USSR, the class contradictions have sharpened and reached a crucial stage, and with this, the class struggle is emerging and decisive battles are ahead. Today, more than ever before the necessity is for the unity and unification and for a clearer revolutionary theory. This is the main task.

As we know, the Marxist-Leninist movement there and over the world is divided and disunited, and, for many people, it is hard to understand as to why and who is to blame or who is stirring this disunity pot! Our job is to explain this difficulty so that our readers will understand the problems of disunity in the progressive movements and to point out and criticize those elements whose job is to promote this disunity and also, to whom these elements owe allegiance to, and also who is funding this work in former USSR and over the world!

So it is very necessary that NSC should continue – it is necessary now more than ever before.

The Chairman of the International Council and Editor of NSC, Michael Lucas has asked all of us to be prepared at this 16th Anniversary Meeting to discuss the future of NSC and offer suggestions and constructive criticism.

On my part I am suggesting that we should put more emphasis on the Communist movements in former USR, just before and after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Now that there are so many Communist parties there that this brings nothing but confusion. It seems that the former most furious anti-Stalinists, anti-Bolsheviks are now coming around and praising Stalin?! Are they for real? On this question our Soviet friends did not help us in understanding this – we were expecting more from them on this question.

We must have more criticism and self-criticism and push further our political analyses on what was going on then and what is going on now.

I will point out that in spite of the fact that there are about 27 parties in Russia alone which are calling themselves Marxist, Communist, Marxist-Leninist – but most of them have nothing in common with the All Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks, headed by Nina Andreeva. Therefore is hard to understand as to why our comrade Vladimir Chechentsev, Chairman of the Soviet Society for Friendship with Foreign Countries in his article in the June edition of NSC of this year in an article about “Revisionism”, “that in Russia now there is no revolutionary party of the Lenin type!” I feel after studying the program of Andreeva’s AUCPB that it seems the only party that is dedicated to the resurrection, socialism and the teachings not only of Marx-Engels and Lenin, bur also of Stalin.

Also, at the First World Congress in Canada in 2001 – how could we have accepted the anti-Stalinism and criticism that “Central Planning of Stalin was detrimental to Socialism” as propagated by Alexei Prigarin, head of the Russian Communist Party-CPSU – which in itself is very anti-Stalin in the name of “Socialism”!

One is entitled to wonder also as to why the French Communist Party in its review “L'Humanite Dimanche” of May 16-23, 2007 felt the need to again attack Stalin, by keeping repeating the same old lies that were for a very long time refuted, which basically is repeating what Trotsky and Khrushchev said. Or the lie that was in this newspaper “Kirov’s murder was sponsored and arranged by Stalin.” Then there is the old chestnut that Stalin tortured the so-called “innocent enemies of USSR” or the question of the “Last Testament of Lenin”.

Stalin is always current and also for the French Communist Party – because for Imperialism Stalin is the man that must be brought down, even if he is already dead since 1953! His ideas are a very great danger for Imperialism and for the modern day revisionists.

NSC in all of its editions has answered many of the above questions and the attacks against Stalin. I suggest that we should do even more in explaining these lies, by presenting more researched documentations, and also to publish the unpublished stories that are now surfacing from the archives.

We should feature more of the articles on collectivization, the industrialization and about the Great Patriotic War, led by Marshal Stalin.

It is a fact that unless soon the ideological confusion that is prevailing in the communist movements is not resolved soon, it will hinder the aims of the International Council for Friendship and Solidarity with Soviet People and that of Northstar Compass!

Regarding the French Edition of NSC, it is already six years that it is being published regularly. I must say that this would not have been possible without the generous help by the Society of Carpatho-Russian Canadians. There is now more and more demand for printing a larger quantity of the French Edition of NSC, being sent to organizations, parties and individuals in many countries of the world.

We have to understand how and why the tools of understanding Marxism-Leninism was and is being tarnished and deformed and transformed into rusty tools, incapable in helping us understand the objective reality and to indicate the means of transforming it.

I must indicate that there is some weaknesses in our work – we must push forward more analyses in order to get away from some confusion.

Here is an example:

Although we give our appreciation to Cuba and to Castro and the positive role Cuba plays against US imperialism, it is not necessary to go and state that Socialism is built in Cuba. Cuban Economy was never based as a planned economy and never was socialist.

The same holds true for China which is not a socialist country and this should be stated more in our editions of NSC.


I would like to congratulate George Gruenthal in New York for the fantastic work he is doing in producing the Web Page over the Internet for NSC in French and English.

I feel that we should put all the articles on the Web Page, not just some. We have use the Web Page as well as open up a very strong campaign for more NSC subscribers to get the whole NSC journal – not just depend on the Internet NSC !

Regarding the campaign for new members for the Canadian Friends of Soviet People – we welcome all Marxist-Leninists, even though they are still not real Marxists, but are sincere people who are interested to find the truth in this complex world of ours.

The campaign for membership must serve to provide a vehicle for united actions, to learn trust and to iron out any differences that do come up in frank and fraternal discussions.

It is often said that the cause of the divisions among those who regard themselves as Marxist-Leninists is the existence of deep-seated ideological differences between them. With this I do no agree. Discussion, goodwill will overcome any differences that do exist.

By joining and promoting the work of the International Council for Friendship and Solidarity with Soviet People, this is the foundation for building of our organization that is essential for our Canadian Friends of Soviet People to advance and achieve all of our aims!

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