Victory Day Celebration Was a Success

The Canadian Friends of Soviet People and Northstar Compass journal in Toronto, Canada, held this important event last May 6 at the Friendship House in Toronto.

Canadian veterans were present with their medals and spoke about their experiences during WWII in the Canadian Army, Canadian Navy and the Canadian Merchant Navy.

There was a video shown of the Battle for Berlin and the Victory Parade on Red Square in May of 1945. There were Soviet songs sung, plus speeches by the veterans who they were introduced by Michael Lucas, Editor of NSC and Chairman of the International Council.

People enjoyed the photo exhibit of the Great Patriotic War on the walls of the Carpathian Room and there followed a buffet lunch that was followed by discussion and even some dancing.

Below we publish just one of the speeches made by a Canadian War Veteran, Anton Kulchin, which expressed the feelings of all those present.

Dear friends and comrades:

Victory Day – Den Pobedy is a day that celebrates the victorious end to the greatest struggle in history. As the saying goes – the greater the struggle, the greater the victory. It was a victory not only for the Soviet Union, but it was for all of humanity. It was a victory in which the USSR played a major role in World War II.

To quote US President Roosevelt who said: " The simple fact is that the Russian Armies are killing more Axis personnel and destroying more Axis war materials than all the other 25 United Nations put together."

He was right! 75% of all Nazi losses were on the Soviet Front!

The Soviet Red Army liberated 11 European countries and also 2 Asian countries.

But all of these military successes are not a credit to only the military alone. Without the support of the whole Soviet population, their leaders and the Socialist system, these successes would not have been possible.

Let’s just take one example!

Germany occupied most of Europe together with its resources. The Soviet heartland, on the other hand, was devastated. Yet, with Soviet extreme efforts and efficiency, the Soviets moved their complete industries to the Urals and over produced the Nazis!

Eternal glory to the Soviet Union and to the Soviet people and to the leadership headed by Marshal J. V. Stalin!

The veterans were: Captain Michael Ukas, Canadian Army; Anton Kulchin, Canadian Army; Lloyd Redstone, Canadian Merchant Navy and William Parish, Canadian Navy.

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