May Day and Victory Day Celebrated in Toronto

On April 30th the Toronto Branch of CFSP and NSC held a celebration of the working class that is so dear to all workers from around the world, because we are all Internationalists.

We had an excellent panel chairman, Michael Lucas, brother Willie Lambert, a trade union leader, war veteran Lloyd Redstone, war veteran Michael Ukas and war veteran Anton Kulchin.

We heard personal stories of growing up in a capitalist society where we were told that we are all equal then finding out that some are more equal than other. (The 1% rich have more wealth than the bottom 99%.) We also found out that not only should we learn history, but we should unlearn history, then relearn history again. War veteran Professor Michael Ukas told us that it is a historical fact that Winston Churchill wanted to rearm the Nazis at the end of WW II in order to destroy the Soviet Union. What a way to repay the people of the USSR!

A Canadian anti-Soviet journalist, Eric Margolis admitted that: "The Soviet Union inflicted the most German casualties in WW II. In fact it was the USSR under Stalin, not the other Western democracies that played the most decisive role in defeating Nazi Germany. The losses of Britain, US and Canada amounted to about 500,000 casualties, while the Soviet lost about 28,000,000 people! Besides the loss of their best sons and daughters, the Nazi Germany destroyed 1,700 towns, 70,000 villages were razed to the ground. Six million buildings were destroyed, 84,000 schools, 43,000 libraries, 31,000 factories, 1,300 bridges, 100,000 farms, 49,000 combines, 137,900 tractors, 17 million cattle were killed, 20 million hogs, millions of sheep and goats, 7 million horses were butchered in order to starve the Soviet people into submission."

Reinhard Gehlen who was Hitler's chief of Soviet Eastern Front Intelligence, after the defeat of Nazi Germany in 1945, plus his death squad officers, were all given jobs by the US to work in West Germany in order to undermine the Soviet Union. After that, this whole Intelligence Nazi apparatus was whisked to the USA and given the job to organize the CIA. United States General Patton proposed that the US should immediately rearm Germany in order to destroy the Soviet Union right after the end of World War II. (Faragon Patton pp. 765-77.)

Our May Day and Victory Day celebration was not huge, but it was the quality of people that attended that made this event memorable! With truth on our side we know that others will break free from this pervasive capitalist North American propaganda that permeates the airways and the daily printed news. The news media is owned and directed by these multinational corporations, who not only make bombs, but they also manufacture vile propaganda.

These multinational corporations not only wage wars, destroying the environment, they then fabricate news in order to cover up their crimes and then they find scapegoats in order to reverse the blame!

So much destruction, acid rain upon helpless people of the world such as in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yugoslavia and maybe soon to come the bombing of Iran. This month in Nevada, USA a bunker-buster bomb will, be tested, called "Divine Strike".

Near the end of the May Day celebration, we watched the film of the Victory Parade on the Red Square in Moscow, in 1945, in front of the Lenin Mausoleum and saw the fascist banners being thrown at the foot of the Lenin Mausoleum.

What would the world have been like now if German fascism won? Workers probably would be paid minimum wage in labour camps all around the world. But hold on, thanks now to the generosity of US multinational corporations, they now pay the Chinese workers 19 cents per hour. This is $2 per day, working at a back-breaking job for giant multinational corporations like Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart cannot pay higher wages to these Chinese workers, because they only have accumulated $356 billions in revenue last year alone!!

Now Jordan and eight other nations have signed a free trade agreement with the US. Even the UN has condemned this exploitation and inhuman working conditions in these countries, which are in the hands of the multinational corporations.

Now, we at the Canadian Friends of Soviet People and NSC at the Friendship House, will do all that we can to struggle for justice and equality for the working class, but we need everyone to join us. We shall have one drop at a time until we have barrels full of economic justice and real peace all over the world.

Democracy should mean that the people must rule, not kings, plutocrats, oligarchs, despots, autocrats, tyrants or empires that claim that their leader hears and talks to god!

Workers of the Word Unite!

With great humility,
Jesse Papas

Left to Right: Michael Lucas, Chairman; WW II Veterans Anton Kulchin, Lloyd Redstone, Michael Ukas, and Trade Union leader Will Lambert. In middle, Helen Lucas, Financial Secretary.

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