The following resolutions were adopted unanimously by the delegates at the Second World Congress:

Resolution Against U.S. Imperialism and the New World Order and the U.S.-Led Wars in Iraq and Around the World

Whereas, U.S. President Bush, representing U.S. finance capital, big oil and big business, has declares his intention to carry out an unending war on sovereign peoples around the world; and

Whereas, U.S. President Bush has declared the goal of maintaining and expanding such great U.S. military power that it will discourage other imperialist rivals from challenging U.S. imperialist hegemony anywhere in the world; and

Whereas, the bloody wars of occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan demonstrate that Bush and U.S. imperialism, along with Blair and British imperialism, are ruthlessly pursuing maximum profit at the expense of the oppressed and exploited peoples of the earth; and

Whereas, this Second World Congress of the International Council for Friendship and Solidarity with Soviet People is dedicated to friendship with Soviet People and friendship among all peoples which friendship is undermined and crushed by the forces of international capitalism, led by U.S. imperialism;

Therefore, be it resolved that the Second World Congress of the International Council for Friendship and Solidarity with Soviet People:

1. Supports the legitimate Iraqi Resistance as a just national liberation struggle from U.S.-led imperialist occupation.

2. Demands the unconditional and immediate release of all Iraqi political prisoners and prisoners of war held by the imperialist authorities in Iraq.

3. Demands the immediate withdrawal of all imperialist occupation troops from Iraq and Afghanistan.

4. We, the delegates to the Second World Congress of the International Council for Friendship and Solidarity with Soviet People, representing working people of Canada, the U.S.A., Europe and Japan, join with our fellow delegates from Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America to demand that our governments cease their support for U.S. imperialist wars of occupation.

Workers of the World Unite – In Friendship and Solidarity!

Solidarity with the Iraqi people and its legitimate resistance!

The Iraqi people are daily the victim of the so-called "new world order" which is characterized by the increasing aggressiveness of imperialism. The competition between the main imperialist nations is aggravating; they are fighting more and more aggressively about a new division of the world, its markets and resources. The reactionary formation up to the fascist development of its societies and its state structures is correspondingly progressing and any resistance against this so-called "new world order" is to be eradicated by all means.

Particularly in the resourceful regions of the Near and Middle East, US imperialism strives to maintain and extend its absolute dominance against all competitors. In this sense the region should be newly "ordered".

For the Iraqi people this means: the cruelest occupation after a war of aggression against international law, destruction of the country and its resources, torture, murder, and terror by the occupying forces.

The Iraqi people have been practising resistance since the occupation of their country which is against international law from the beginning. This resistance has developed dynamically and on all levels including legitimate armed resistance which agrees with Article 51 of the Charta of the United Nations among other things.

In order to break the increasing resistance of the Iraqi people the occupying forces led by the USA are using more and more brutal methods: arbitrary mass arrests and torture, setting-up of concentration camps, warfare against the resistance which aims at bombing Iraq to rubble, deployment of internationally proscribed weapons of mass extermination including poison gas like in Fallujah or the elimination of the political leaders of the Iraqi resistance like the arrest of the leader of the "Iraqi Patriot Alliance", Abduljabbar al-Kubaysi, on September 2nd 2004. Meanwhile thousands of political prisoners are languishing in the torture chambers of the occupying forces.

Another element of the suppression of the increasing resistance of the Iraqi people is a purposeful defamatory campaign aiming at branding its resistance as "terrorist" and "Islamist" and isolating it internationally. These campaigns supported by disinformation of the CIA, the Israeli MOSSAD and other western secret services are not only led by mass media and political forces that are openly supporting the occupation of the Iraq, but partly also under "left-wing" flag in order to influence negatively especially those people willing to engage sincerely against the occupation of Iraq and for the solidarity with the resistance of the Iraqi people.

In this context the so-called "Iraqi Communist Party" (just like its front-organizations) plays a special role. It places a minister in the so-called "transitional government" set up by the USA and being completely dependent on it - as well as infiltrated by CIA agents - and is involved in all terrorist measures of the occupation forces and their puppets against the Iraqi people.

Especially after the massacre of Fallujah the undersigned declare their solidarity with the Iraqi people and its legitimate resistance and demand:

* Immediate and unconditional release of all political prisoners and prisoners of war in Iraq!

* Ending of any German participation in the neo-colonial oppression and exploitation of the Iraqi people! Stop the use of military bases in Germany for the war of the occupying forces against the Iraqi people! No recognition of the marionette government set up and controlled by the USA in Baghdad!

* Political and material solidarity with the Iraqi people and its legitimate resistance!

* Immediate withdrawal of all occupying troops in the Iraq!

* Reparations of the damage caused by the aggressors in Iraq in two wars of aggression, during the UN-Embargo lasting for 12 years and brutal occupation!

Solidarity With the Kurdish People

We strongly condemn the lynch attempts that have been organised and carried out against the Kurdish people in Turkey/N. Kurdistan by the fascist Turkish state; the army and the AKP (Justice and Development Party) government.

While it accelerates its attacks on the workers and labourers by neo-liberal attacks; privatization of state-owned factories and industrial places, introducing new slavery laws in the work life and by demolishing the shanty-houses in the suburbs of big cities, the fascist Turkish regime, at the same time, restarted to use the methods of dirty war, which it has implemented for more than 15 years against the Kurdish people and caused the death of more than 30 thousand people. Together with conducting military operations in the mountains and valleys of Northern Kurdistan, they are now organising lynchings on the streets of different cities and towns of Turkey against the Kurdish people.

We are very well aware that their main aim is to break the ties and destroy the bridge of brotherhood between the Turkish and Kurdish people. But we are also aware that the nation who oppresses other nation or nations will not be free too. The ones suffer the most from Kurdish people not having freedom is the Turkish workers and labourers. While billions are spent for the war, on the other hand, the Turkish people are being imprisoned to poverty. Workers’ and labourers’ democratic rights, the freedom of action and assemble is seized. When they take to the streets for their rights, they are stamped with being "separatist" and "terrorist". Therefore the Turkish people should also fight and resist the fascist dictatorship’s denial and annihilation policy against the Kurdish people. Through their actions, demonstrations, support and solidarity, they should lend the hand of brotherhood to the Kurdish people.

Support the Revolution in Cuba and Venezuela

The International Council for Friendship and Solidarity with Soviet People, at its 2nd World Congress, fully supports the Cuban revolution under the leadership of Fidel Castro, the struggle of the Cuban people for its independence against the US plots to destabilize Cuba and attack it militarily. We demand the immediate lifting of the US-blockade off Cuba and liberation of the five Cuban political prisoners in the US.

The International Council for Friendship and Solidarity with Soviet People, at its Second World Congress, expresses its solidarity with the actual national-democratic Bolivarian revolution in Venezuela, under the leadership of President Hugo Chavez. We fully support the struggle of the Venezuelan people for its independence against the interference of US imperialism.

We send our deepest respect and warm greetings to President Fidel Castro and President Hugo Chavez.

Resolution in Defense of the Struggle of the Nepalese People

Whereas the Nepalese people, under the leadership of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), have been waging successfully protracted people’s war over the last five years for a democratic republic and have now reached the stage of strategic offensive with control over the major part of the countryside,

Whereas US and British imperialism have poured increasing amounts of arms and other material resources to the Gyanendra regime to defeat the Nepalese revolution,

Whereas Indian expansionism has increasingly provided support to the Gyanendra regime, including armed actions against units of the Nepalese people’s liberation army,

Whereas the absolute king Gyanendra has declared a state of emergency, thereby driving the parliamentary parties into discussion for a united front with the CPN(M),

We, the delegates from continents around the world, at the 2nd World Congress of the International Council for Friendship with the Soviet People, call on all peoples, organisations and parties to extend whatever material and political support they can to the Nepalese people in their struggle to overthrow the Gyanendra regime and establish a free and independent Nepal.

Resolution on Denial of Visas by Canadian Authorities

Whereas the Canadian government has denied visas to delegates to our Second World Congress from several countries, including Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Brazil and other countries,

Whereas one of the reasons claimed for this denial, that the delegates did not have any means of support for their stay in Canada is demonstrably false, since it was made clear that all expenses of their stay were being covered by the International Council,

Whereas the First World Congress also saw last minute refusals of visas, but as it was held barely two weeks after the attacks in the United States on September 11, 2001, this could be attributable to the general fear of foreign visitors at that time by the Canadian government,

Whereas at this time the denial of visas can only be seen as an attempt to undermine and sabotage the holding of our Congress, in an attempt to undermine solidarity and friendship between the progressive peoples of the world and the peoples of the former Soviet Union,

We declare that this attempt to undermine and sabotage our Congress is an attack on the fundamental democratic rights of the delegates denied visas to fully participate in the discussions at our Congress,

We declare that this attempt is an attack on the democratic rights of the progressive peoples of Canada and other countries to hear reports from and take part in the discussion with those delegates,

We declare that such denial of democratic rights is only in the interest of those in Canada, the United States and other countries who are deathly opposed to the rebirth of socialism in the former republics of the Soviet Union and the restoration of the Soviet Union,

We resolve to protest in the strongest possible terms the denial of visas to the authorities in Ottawa, and

We resolve to protest in the strongest possible terms the denial of visas to the consular representatives of the Canadian government in all countries whose delegates have been denied visas.

Resolution of the International Council for Friendship and Solidarity with Soviet People

The Second World Congress of the International Council agrees to accept the offer of Professor David Jokhadze from the Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences to organize the Third World Congress in 2007 in Moscow.

The Second World Congress proposes to execute the decision of the First Congress by organising in the countries of the CIS and the Baltic States sections of the Soviet Society for Friendship and Solidarity with Foreign Countries

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