Second World Congress
International Council for Friendship and Solidarity with Soviet People

Main Report

For International Friendship and Solidarity with Peoples of Temporarily Dismantled Soviet Union and Against US Imperialism’s New World Order!

Dear comrades and friends:

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, the Editorial Board of Northstar Compass, and on behalf of our host, the Canadian Friends of Soviet People, I would like to welcome all of the delegates to this Second World Congress for Friendship and Solidarity with Soviet People.

Permit me also to welcome you on behalf an organization that over these many years has helped us to function, by providing us free of rent this Friendship House and, in no small way has helped to support our activities financially. Please, let us show our thanks to the Society of Carpatho-Russian Canadians for their unstinting help as true internationalists – represented here by Helen Lucas, Financial Secretary!

Much has transpired in this world of ours since our First World Congress, which was held in September of 2001, at the same time as the events of September 11th in New York and Washington, whose aftermath has brought the world closer to US-inspired world terror and the very real danger of the growth of neo-fascism in the ruling echelons in Washington and London.

US imperialism with its intervention and murderous occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan, is aiming to enforce imperialism’s goal of controlling the vast oil resources of the Middle East and its quest to dominate the whole world militarily, politically and economically.

In this regard the dismantling of the USSR by counter-revolutionary forces within the Soviet Union in full cooperation in overt and covert activities by hostile foreign political forces and financial capital, has created a situation inside the former Soviet Union of deprivation, privatization, robbery, extreme poverty, dwindling population, economic hardships and the erosion of the achievements of more than 70 years of struggle and toil by the Soviet people – thus giving free reign to foreign multinational corporations and US imperialism to plunder and go on a rampage towards their New World Order!

I am certain that the reports of the delegates and discussion that will follow will dwell on this danger in more detail and in more analytical manner than it is possible for me in the time allotted for my presentation.

As most of you are aware, there was a devastating fire that was set by arson, which caused extensive damage by smoke and water to the Friendship House, and since April 21st when the fire was started, it was only two weeks ago that we were able to put the building into order so that we can hold this Second Word Congress as planned. There was much damage and very high costs for the Society of Carpatho-Russian Canadians. I equate the Insurance companies with the workings of the Mafioisi. So, my friends - welcome to our newly renovated Friendship House!

In this regard, I would like to thank all of you who heeded OUR APPEAL for financial help after the fire and generously contributed about $10,000 to help us overcome this tragedy. I must say that one donation touched our hearts – a reader of NSC in Moscow, Russia, sent in this message: "I know that this $1 donation is not much, but I cannot let this tragedy pass by without giving this only dollar that I have!"

Therefore permit me to dwell in more detail about the work that was done since the last Congress, the work that was achieved, the plans that were decided upon but due to many reasons were not able to be fulfilled; the problems that must be solved by this Congress and, last but not least –proposed future plans for the International Council and its published organ – Northstar Compass.

Accomplishments Since Our First Congress in 1991:

* We published Northstar Compass each month and each, plus many interesting supplements.

* We started publishing regularly a French edition of NSC – Edited and published by Dr. A. Paquin in Montreal, Canada.

* Our Web Page on Internet is always up to date and the readership is growing. It is edited by George Gruenthal in New York, USA.

* Our mailing list has grown with contacts in many more countries around the world.

* Our video films about the USSR are being bought in ever-wider circle of people, plus the new feature Soviet films on DVD and Soviet music on CD’s that we so generously are supplied with by Irina Malenko, our reader and correspondent from N. Ireland.

* In your delegate’s portfolio you will find a catalogue of Soviet Videos, Soviet Books in English and Soviet Books in Russian

Before this World Congress, one of the accomplishments was the establishment in Moscow of the Russian Society for Friendship with Foreign Countries – and this was not easy as there are still birth-pangs felt now. In this respect, the delegates from the Russian Friendship Society and those other delegates who have other opinion on this important question – I’m certain ill be a serious discussion on this topic, which is on our Congress Agenda.

* There was regular correspondence with the members of the Executive Committee of the International Council as well as with the members of the Editorial Board of Northstar Compass and International Council was open every day with daily -emails, telephone calls and correspondence being answered.

Weaknesses in Our Work Since the First Congress in 1991:

* Due to many reasons encountered by our comrades in former Soviet Union, the establishment of the Russian Society for Friendship and Solidarity with Foreign Countries was very slow in getting set up to function. Thus was due in no small part to the internal problems and disagreements amongst the Soviet organizations and parties that were approached to set this necessary organization functioning, as was the main decision by all the delegates at the First Congress. I am certain that the Soviet delegates will touch on this serious problem during the discussion when this topic is discussed on our agenda.

This question is of outmost importance and I would ask all the delegates to understand that in discussing this question, we must keep in mind that there is no unified position on this question by the Soviet delegates – as I understand through correspondence, letters, e-mails and telephone conversations with comrades there as plans were being finalized for this Congress.

* Unfortunately we have found that since the First Congress there is a definite trend by some Communist Parties to completely shun us in cooperation and there is a definite to have a "whispering campaign" against us, plus the question that we are labeled as "Stalinists" and therefore this situation prevails on non-co-operation. But, what we have noticed that in some parties a definite Anti-Sovietism is growing and a tendency to "take the centrist position". This is prevalent not only in the West but even by some parties in former USSR.

* The new Executive Committee of the International Council that will be elected must show more concern and show more help to the Executive in order to advance our cause.

* There could be more done in each country where possible to promote the publication of Northstar Compass as is being done effectively in Australia by the Australian-Soviet Friendship Society – for instance.

* There is a constant request from our readers in former USSR that we start a Russian edition of Northstar Compass, and, if possible, a Spanish edition.

Dear comrades:

There are certain proposals and requests that we receive which are meant for our discussion on how to improve our work after this Congress takes place. Some of them are practical, others are not practical, but all of them are meant to do everything possible to help the Soviet people to resurrect the USSR and Socialism and thus help the whole of humanity to struggle for a better life and against the growing danger of US imperialism which is trying to achieve what Hitler’s fascism was not able to.

When discussing this Report, and when presenting your reports and ideas, please keep in mind some of the following suggestions – proposals that were submitted by friends of the Soviet people and readers of Northstar Compass:

(1) A suggestion by many that the name of the International Council should be changed to read: "International Council for Socialism, Friendship, Solidarity with Soviet People."

(2) Since there is no "Communist International" existing now, in spite of dozens and dozens of International Conferences by the Communist and Workers Parties and Seminars having been held, and, since we are the only world-wide friendship society dedicated to socialism as Lenin and Stalin planned, and since we are for the resurrection of the USSR, that we become the "spark" to start the process of trying to set up the "Communist International".

(3) There are many suggestions that although we are a Friendship Society, that we become much more active politically, since there is no question of our friendship for the USSR and its founding fathers, Lenin and Stalin.

(4) There are constant demands that although we are a Friendship Society in essence, that we try to in our work and publications to impress upon the Soviet Communist comrades the absolute need for "UNITY" in their ranks for common struggles against the growing threat of growing neo-fascism by the present leaders of Russia and to also struggle against growing nationalism being promoted by the present regime

(5) The decision of the First Congress was that there should be established in former USSR Friendship Societies with Foreign Countries in all former Soviet Republics as a partner to the International Council. Some comrades do not understand as to why the present Society, with its delegation here now, is calked "Russian Society for Friendship with Foreign Countries" and not "Soviet Society for Friendship with Foreign Countries"? After all, we want to be friends with ALL SOVIET people and not just with the Russians!

Otherwise we would have to establish 15 different friendship societies!

This question is of outmost importance, since we maintain that there are Soviet People, while our partner organization in Russia maintains that there is only the Russian Friendship Society!

(6) Many comrades in Europe and other countries suggested that the forthcoming International Council should be located in Europe in order to be closer for contacts and visits in the future.

(7) The question of the Editorial Board of Northstar Compass should be resolved as to where it should be published and how it should be financially sustained.

(8) The question of a Russian edition of NSC and a Spanish edition of NSC should be discussed and, if possible, to be resolved.

Your Portfolio:

You will find all the presentations for those who speak English, Russian, French and Spanish, plus other materials that I hope you will find useful and interesting – such as The Agenda for the Congress, the Travel Lodge Hotel Rooming List, drawing of the Friendship House, your History of the Canadian Friends of Soviet People, Pennant of the Canada-USSR Association, a magazine of Toronto, your card of the Travel Lodge Hotel, plus catalogue of the English and Russian books at the Friendship House and the catalogue if the Videos available also.

Dear comrades:

This Second Congress is extremely important not only for us, but for the whole of mankind in that we are meeting at a crucial of time in the world full of hostility, wars, demagogy, falsehoods about the history of the Soviet Union, growing terror, growing fascist threat and the extreme danger of war with all of its horrific consequences.

The imperialists and their lackeys both outside and inside the former Soviet Union are spreading even more falsehoods, lies, performing treacherous acts against their own people. The Putin regime is cleverly splitting the progressive movements, supporting some, financing others, curtailing the rest ad banking himself on the disunity in the Communist movements there –supporting

We are criticized by some leaders of the communist parties that we are mixing into "their domain" and since we are not a political party we should just be neutral! Well, if our grandfathers in 1918 when they established the "Hands Off Russia Committee" and during World War II the "Aid To USSR Committees" thought like that, history certainly proved that they were certainly politically correct when they supported the Soviet Union and that is POLITICAL SUPPORT! What else would you call it?

As we all know, there are so many modern day "Marxists and Communists" now in the world that if they all were truly revolutionaries and joined together, we certainly would have another 1917 now in 2005!

Dear comrades:

In conclusion I would like to propose that we discuss during this Congress the following proposals, meant to take us another step closer to what was decided by the founding First Congress.

(a) That there should be organized in former USSR the "Soviet Society of Friendship and Solidarity with Foreign Countries". Seeing that the USSR is split into 15 separate regions, the suggestion is that in each of these former Republics a Friendship Society should be set up and a Coordinating Council be set up in Moscow to coordinate the activities

(b) In each country that is a signatory to the International Council for Friendship and Solidarity with Soviet People, there should be established a Friendship Society with Soviet People and cooperate with the International Council in fulfilling the tasks that might de decided upon for the betterment of our common goals.

Recognizing that there are today and will continue to be wide variations and divergent views within each nation. and in these cases for all understanding of activities to be effective, the strategy should be to remove antagonisms and hostility wherever possible and aim at a consensus to promote this friendship and understanding.

(c) We call upon the Soviet Friendship Societies to inform us in which way we can be of outmost and effective assistance in their quest for the resurrection of the Soviet Union and of Socialism.

(d) We affirm that within each country that the Friendship Society with Soviet People will be established and chapters formed, these Societies and Chapters who support the International Council will be given support and encouragement to strengthen their work. We also hope that means shall be found to help with financial assistance to the International Council.

(e) We affirm that the newly elected International Council, wherever it shall be located, will continue to publish Northstar Compass as its official organ.

(f) The incoming International Council and its Executive Committee should undertake to formulate a Constitution based on its previous Aims and Purposes and in this way have this Constitution printed and distributed all over the word where Friendship Societies will exist.

Dear comrades:

The above are just some of the pressing ideas and proposals that this Congress should address, discuss and come to a conclusion for their fulfillment.

Again I would very sincerely welcome all of the delegates gathered for this Second World Congress. Coming to Canada, the expenses of travel prevented some delegates from countries to come this distance. Others were refused visas for unknown reasons. Your presence here shows your determination, dedication, sincerity to the cause of Lenin and Stalin, whose ideas shall never, ever die. They are immortal.

You will all agree that there is now a growth of the propaganda as during the cold war in its most vile form, both inside former USSR and in the West. The influx of hate films against Stalin sees no bounds and the unfortunate thing is that many Communist parties and its members are taken in by this vile propaganda and they try to take the "middle road" and by doing this, they are doing exactly what Imperialism and all revisionists want them to do.

Anti Stalinism is anti-Sovietism and anti-Socialism! That is the bitter truth!

Dear Comrades!

Our Cause Is Just! We Shall Be Victorious!
Back To the Future! For the Resurrection of the Soviet Union and Socialism!
Stop Bush – The World’s Biggest Terrorist!
Workers of the World Unite!

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