11th Anniversary of NSC Celebrated in Toronto

On Sunday, Sept. 21. 2003 the Editorial Board of Northstar Compass and the Canadian Friends of Soviet People celebrated in a raucous fashion the 11th Anniversary of our journal in the ballroom of the Friendship House. Thanks are in order once again to the Society of Carpatho-Russian Canadians for generously allowing us to use the premises once again. Were it not for their generosity, this event would not have been possible, let alone the help to publish NSC like clockwork that we all have come to expect.

Michael Lucas, Editor of NSC, reads greetings from around the world.

This 11th Anniversary event was opened-up by Michael Lucas the Editor of NSC, who read greetings from many parts of the world. This was followed by Ray Stevenson and his insightful speech on the work of the journal. Following him was Dr. Adelard Paquin from Montreal, the Editor of the French edition of NSC who added many ideas for the future of NSC and the 2nd World Congress for Friendship and Solidarity with Soviet People to be held in September of 2004.

Michael Lucas, who is also an artist, donated 2 of his oil paintings to be raffled off. Chris Harris, member of NSC Editorial Board did the honors.

As a guest and a very well known journalist, broadcaster and TV personality, Barrie Zwicker got an ovation for his insightful explanation as to the intrigues of American imperialism.

Thanks were given to the Philippine brothers and sisters who gave a rousing rendition of a Victor Hara song in Tagalog.

Needless to say, everyone had a wonderful time, in keeping with tradition and thanks to John Baby and crew for the gastronomic delights.

Many toasts were drank to the future successes of our Northstar Compass and everyone took upon themselves to propagate and gain even more new readers.

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