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Thousands of Russians Volunteer to Defend Iraq

Around 10,000 Russian citizens have applied for entry visas to Iraq to defend this country against the planned aggression by the warmongering USA and UK, according to the Iraqi Embassy in Moscow.

The Iraqi Ambassador to Moscow, Abbas Khalaf, declared in March that the Embassy has already received over 3,500 requests, but since that time the numbers have multiplied several times.

The requests are from males, many of them with actual combat experience, who described themselves as "volunteers" and who are willing to defend Iraq against US and British imperialism.

For those who present an adequate reason for traveling to Iraq, the Embassy provides a visa and transportation, free of charge.

From PRAVDA, Russian

Russia and the War

By Boris Kagarlitsky

Now that the US leadership has come under attack, Russia again demonstrates its impotence and insignificance. Over the past decade Russia has been politically dependent on the USA and economically on Germany.

The United States had dictated Russia’s political agenda, while Germany gradually became its most important business partner and source of foreign investment. This system worked quite well so long as Germany kept a low profile in international affairs and at least made a show of solidarity with United States. When disagreements between the US and Germany came to the surface, however the Russian leadership was at a loss. Moscow behaved as one of Ivan Pavlov’s dogs. As long as the signals came on time, the dog’s conditional reflexes responded properly – it salivates at the sound of the bell. Then the scientist gives it two contradictory signals and the poor beast goes into a panic, spinning around in its cage.

Something similar happened with the Russian leadership this winter. Only when it became clear that France and Germany would secure a majority in the Security Council, and that no veto would be required, did president Putin demonstratively side with the victors. For the past ten years Kremlin ideologues have led the public to believe that Russia must support the United States or risk condemnation from the "entire civilized world". The events of last month revealed, however, that Washington is now isolated. Russian policymakers finally drew the right conclusion.

This was nothing but sheer opportunism. The sight of Russian leaders mouthing words dictated by Berlin while never taking their eyes off Washington was nothing short of embarrassing. Russian society unfortunately reacted with great indifference, while millions of people around the word marched against the war on Iraq, Russian people in their majority stayed home. Even though majority of Russians are against George W. Bush’s war on Iraq.

Unfortunately, because of the lack of unity in the communist movements, the turnout at demonstrations was humiliating. But the regime had managed to extricate itself from the crisis. This could have been worse of course and I must admit that the turnout of Russian people to the demonstrations was disappointing.

Boris Kagarlitsky is the director of the Globalization

On the 12th Anniversary of the 1991 Referendum

In 1991 there was held an All Union Referendum where 113.5 million people (76.4% of the citizens of USSR took part) and voted for the further existence and the flourishing of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

The Supreme Soviet of the USSR made the decision that this overwhelming support must be put into effect. But the new "elite" in the Supreme Soviet, like Gorbachev, Yeltsin, Krawchuk, Shushkewich, and other traitors, with great financial and moral support from international capitalism, decided to dismember the USSR and thus ignored the results of the majority of Soviet people

The union of our peoples can only be done by energetic struggle for political control of the state, socialism and friendship of our peoples.

It is in the resurrected Union of Soviet Socialist Republics that the problems of Chechnya, Predniester Republic, Abkhazia, Nagorny Karabakh, South Ossetia can be resolved.

We at the Union of Communist Parties-CPSU support the joining of Russia and Byelorussia as the first start in the resurrection of the USSR. We are against the bourgeois-nationalists and pro-fascist elements that are raising their heads in the former Baltic republics, Ukraine, Georgia – whose aim is to disunite the people.

The plans for the resurrection of the USSR are well known to Putin and the present regime and are outlined in the documents of the UCP-CPSU and Communist Party of the Union.

We appeal to our people to demand from their present governments that the results of the March 17th Referendum be adhered to!

We appeal to all communist and patriotic organizations in all of the former Republics to unite in the struggle to resurrect our one Motherland under the slogans:





Let the voices of the people demand the fulfillment of the Referendum:

*Demands of the people must be fulfilled!

*Union of peoples must be resurrected!

*The traitors must be severely punished!

*Down with civil wars and bloodshed!

*Down with inflation and high prices!

*Long live the unity and independence of our mighty Motherland – the Soviet Union!

Central Committee
Communist Party of the Union

Public Employees Across Russia Protest Poverty

From De Waarheid

Underpaid teachers, doctors and state employees across Russia rallied last month to demand higher wages and to block the proposed reforms they fear will deprive them of their already limited financial security. Thousands of protestors gathered in Moscow in front of the Federal Cabinet building and carried signs that said: "Give the Cabinet members a teacher’s salary!" The Russian Public Employees were joined by scores of students of state universities who demanded higher stipends. Similar protests were held in all the cities across the country.

The Moscow authorities refused the trade unions permission to hold a large demonstration of over 20,000 people and march down the central street, instead they confined the marches into a small area and hundreds of police surrounded the protestors and kept them at bay.

The average public sector employee salary is $95 per month, while the Russian government owes them over $79 million in back wages. Many protestors complained that the low salaries were keeping young talent away from the medical and educational professions. "We are dying out," physiotherapist Tatyana Androsova said in Leningrad. Workers fear that things will get even worse.

Large numbers of University students marched and supported the professors and as one student, 21 year old Denis Vinogradov of the Moscow Food Industry Institute said: "My stipend is only $6.30 per month, while a monthly student pass for pubic transport costs $4.75. How do I live?"

Public employees have held similar protests all over Russia, but with little effect, because the so called union leadership that represents them are criticized for being too tame in their efforts and not bold enough, many times cooperating with the privatized industries and government lackeys.

Iran Is Next

According to the Russian Information Agency (Novosti) the Pentagon warned the world that Iran is a threat to Europe and North America, according to the statement made by the US Undersecretary of State Pete Aldridge. The Americans are circulating groundless theories and propaganda scenarios to explain their illogical moves and justify their impotence, said Assefi from the Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. "It is the United States that are threatening global peace and security with their unilateral bellicose policies", added Mr. Assefi.

Outlawing Russia’s Sex Traders

From New York Times

With criminal ease, Russia’s organized gangs use young people’s dreams to lure them into back rooms of the world. They promise them work in tourism abroad, a well-dressed woman promises. Model for glamorous magazines in America, a smooth-talking man suggests. Then, all too suddenly, the struggling shop girl, the lonely young boy or the frantic single mother wakes up as a prostitute in a foreign country, their passports taken away and with no time for dreams or any way to escape. Human rights groups state that thousands of Russians are dragged away each year by international slave trader gangs to underground brothels around the world.

Russia is not the only country with a booming slave business with Turkey, Bosnia, Indonesia and Cambodia as the countries with the worst record in slave trade, followed by Italy, Greece and USA itself. In Russia alone, with their foreign contacts, the criminal gangs gather in more than $7 billions per year.


Bush and Blair are Terrorists and Cowards


George W. Bush and Anthony Blair do not fight like men, nor do they behave like humans beings. They are the worst example of accidents of nature that from time to time produce freaks in the species, freaks which are as horrific to contemplate as Medusa in ancient times.

As with Medusa, those who look at them turn to stone, in their hearts, because when one regards Bush and Blair, one gets a glimpse into the mindset of pure, unadulterated evil. These are not men of God, as they like to proclaim, they are the consorts of Satan.

Like Satan, they have no regard whatsoever for the value of human life. While they say with great ease and with carefully studied words of circumstance that they have the well-being of the Iraqi people at heart and that they are really liberators, just like the fascist forces over 50 years ago unleashed by Hitler, what they are interested in, in the case of Bush, is the resources of Iraq. In Blair’s case the real motive is more complicated to pinpoint. (Maybe it’s to get back some of the lost colonies of the British Empire? – Editor)

The US ad British forces attacked Iraq, acting outside the auspices of the UNO, making it illegal and therefore, any casualties would be classified as war crime. However, for these two tyrants, international law means nothing.

Neither international law, nor even common decency affects them. After all, they got the Iraqis to destroy what few weapons they had left, then they attacked them. Kicking a man while he is down ids probably the most cowardly and despicable act than a "man" can commit. Bush and Blair are not "men", they are cowardly incubi whose ambitions hide the outer image of legality.

The outright bullying and threats that were used at the UN Security Council, with insinuations that aid programmes would be suspended for countries which did not vote in favor of their proposal to wage war, was the lowest possible level to which international diplomacy could descend. These two tyrants will in future surely choke on the words "diplomacy, dialogue, discussion."

These two tyrants have managed to destroy international cohesion at a time when global terrorism has become a real threat. These two tyrants have placed a doubt in the minds of millions of thinking people as to whether there is any difference between an innocent Iraqi civilian being murdered by an American or British pilot and an innocent American or British civilian being murdered by an explosion in Washington or London?

These two tyrants are committing war crimes, these two tyrants are soiling the reputation of their countries these two tyrants are murderers, criminals, the enemies of God and the enemies of mankind.

The logic of their thinking goes hand-in-hand with the black and white thinking of the mentally advanced George Bush, who says things like: "If you are not with us, you’re against us!" and "If you vote against us, we will suspend your aid programmes and you will all die." Now he and Blair, speak about terrorism and Saddam Hussein in one and the same breath. If Bush doesn’t know better, Blair should: there is no connection whatsoever between the two, despite the desperate attempts to prove the contrary, a good example of this was the ridiculous report presented by the British to Colin Powell, which turned out to be the text lifted from a thesis written twelve years previously and other pages copied from magazines.

The logic of these two tyrants is that if someone opposes this war, he is supporting tyranny. Tyranny has lunched a criminal attack on a sovereign nation of Iraq: tyranny is ceasing to use diplomatic channels just because the debate was not going their way.

The logic of these two tyrants runs on the lines like: "All Iraqis wear moustaches, therefore they are untrustworthy" or " They’re all brown. Oh God, how horrible! After all, the darker the skin, the worse the person" or "Today a child, tomorrow a terrorist" or " Let’s kill the Iraqi people before Saddam kills them".

However human suffering is, these two tyrants have awakened the hatred of millions of people and unfortunately they will reap their just rewards in kind. That is the law of the jungle and that is the law that these two tyrants choose to follow.

George W. Bush and Tony Blair are the worst specimens of the species that Mother Nature could possibly produce!

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