84th Anniversary of October Revolution

84th Anniversary! So much has been written about this great day that changed the world forever, in spite of the temporary demise of the Soviet Union. It was "Ten Days That Shook The World!"

In a book dedicated to the history of the 1917 Great October Socialist Revolution, Soviet Academician Isaac Mints wrote these words, as an eyewitness that express in simple phrases the feelings that most people have even now.

"Sometimes I have a clearer vision of what happened in 1917, the year of the October Revolution, than of yesterday's visits and encounters or the things that I might be doing tomorrow.

Human memory is selective: It tends to store knowledge of only what highlights one's own progress. Yet here we deal with events that signaled a turning point for all mankind, marking an era of universal renovation. As time flies, one's vision and memory seems to remember and feel that time as vividly as if it was yesterday.

One-sixth of the word turned into a giant construction site, and building a new social system that the world hah never known before. Socialism was converted from theory into reality. In the land of the October Revolution a new world was born and the history of the future started."

What about now, November 2001? What did transpire on this glorious holiday that all Soviet people celebrated since 1917?

In Russia at this time, this date is not officially recognized by the present government or even celebrated as the Anniversary of the Great October Revolution; instead, it is now called "Day of Accord and Reconciliation" since in 1996 a law was passed by the Russian Duma to this effect and supported by the Communist Party of the Russian Federation members of parliament.

But, in spite of the present terrible situation that the bourgeois government has installed, Soviet people are still upholding this November 7th Holiday with celebrations and marches. According to the reports in the Russian press and the polls that were undertaken, more than 50% of people celebrate that day as the Great October Revolution holiday… this is according to the present Russian capitalist press.

All around the former Soviet Union festive actions were carried out, with red flags flying, people wearing red carnations and the preponderance of pictures of Lenin and Stalin amongst the marchers.

There was a parade of veterans on the Red Square of 1941 march of only 137 veterans as well as some 70 veterans of the Soviet Victory Day Parade of June 24, 1945 that are left from the Great Patriotic War who were able to march in their own column. This was in spite of bans and rerouting of marchers by the administration. Thousands took to the streets, not only in Russia, but also in every former Soviet Republic.

Yes, the Great October Revolution is not forgotten and shall never be able to be erased by the present capitalist regime that is temporarily sitting in the Kremlin.

We salute the Soviet people and we are with them in their struggles for the ideals that the salvo of the battleship Aurora ushered in.

The World Congress for Friendship and Solidarity with Soviet People held last September was the beginning for all the 76 countries that signed the Appeal of the International Council to unite together in helping the Soviet people resurrect the USSR and Socialism and thus help humanity against US and world imperialism and the real danger of war.

Let us dedicate ourselves to help in whatever we can do to fulfill the decisions made by the delegates from 17 countries that attended the World Congress!

Let us not be swayed by those that seem to think that dedicated people cannot change the course of events, that we must not make comments or voice criticism of policies that directly or indirectly help imperialism and those that pretend to fight imperialism.

We urge all the organizations that signed the Call for the International Council to take steps in each country to set up a united front of Friends of Soviet People.


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