Report on the World Congress


By Rose and Ray O Light
World Congress elected Recording Secretaries


(Chaired by Harpal Brar, member of the Organizing Committee for International Council for Friendship and Solidarity with Soviet People, member of the Advisory Board of Northstar Compass (NSC) and Editor of "Lalkar" newspaper (England).

*Harpal Brar called the meeting to order at approximately 8.50am on behalf of the Organizing Committee. He pointed out that the basic preparatory work for this World Congress was done by comrades from Canada and USA, led by Michael Lucas ands Helen Lucas and Ray Stevenson.

*Jef Bossuyt of the Workers Party of Belgium said that he had a resolution in defense of political prisoners in the former Soviet Union. Ray O Light of the NSC Editorial Board and the Organizing Committee raised the importance of dealing with the changes in the international situation following the September 11th events. Mate Zalka of the Communist Party of Spain (reconstituted) said that he had an appeal on behalf of the imprisoned Spanish comrades and a resolution in support of the hunger strike of the Turkish prisoners. Victor Bourenkov, member in exile of the Russian Communist Workers Party and member of the New Communist Party of Britain - Wales Section, said that he has proposed a resolution on the role of youth and on the role of veterans of World War II in the former Soviet Union. All these issues were referred to the incoming Resolutions Committee.

Michael Lucas, Chairman of the International Council, addressing the World Congress

*Congress Report by Michael Lucas, Chairman of the Organizing Committee. (A copy of the Report, including Russia, French and Spanish translation, was in the portfolios of the delegates).

Michael Lucas stated: "We are appealing to all of you who call yourself friends of Soviet people, Communists, friends and adherents of Socialism, who profess and cherish the memory of once glorious Soviet Union…we have a duty to render every assistance to our Soviet comrades. We have a sacred duty to promote the cause of our Soviet comrades… a cause which is our own!"…

"We have always stated in Northstar Compass, and in our statements that we are not and we do not pretend to be a political party, a Communist party. But we have also stated and will always state that we are proceeding along the glorious road that our Grandparents started in 1918 when they set up in many countries of the world the "Hands Off Russia" Committees in order to help the young Soviet state under attack by foreign interventionist forces…"

"We are here to arrive at a United Front through discussions and to make a commitment to carry out the decisions that shall be made."

"US imperialism has now undertaken in the world what Fascism was not able to achieve during the Second World War! It has managed to dismantle the Soviet Union and other Eastern European peoples democracies! It has managed to ensnare countries into NATO right to the borders of the Soviet Union. Through internal traitors in these countries, it has managed to control the media in most countries, their economy, culture and politics for the benefit of its New World Order!

"This was possible because there is no longer the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics to stand up to the schemes of US imperialism, which is pushing ahead against the wishes of humanity, to dominate the world and to impose control over destinies of the people. This was the plan of fascist Germany whom the USSR, practically single-handedly destroyed with tremendous loss of life and devastation, in order not only to save the Soviet people, but also to save humanity.

"The world needs a rebirth of the USSR and Socialism now!

"We cannot allow a new wave of Fascism to arise and dominate people of the word…no matter under what label it might promote itself!"

"Our sacred duty as friends of Soviet people is to make certain that this Congress accomplishes the task of setting up this extremely important International Council for Friendship and Solidarity with Soviet People.

*Discussion to the Congress Report:

Svetlana Benedikt of the Karl Marx Society of Hungary, said that she like the report but suggested removing the wording "before 1953" on page 4. Redmond Guerrero of the NSC Advisory Board and Migrante, commended Michael Lucas for an outstanding report and suggested a "friendly amendment" to change the phrase "number one task [facing humanity now" to "important task facing humanity now." Ray O Light of the NSC Advisory Board and Organizing Committee, supported the outstanding Congress Report, especially regarding the tasks before the Congress this weekend and the distinction between the mass organization and the vanguard organization. He agreed with the phrase "important task" but disagreed that each country "has own tasks". He stated that we need a general line for the international movement, including a general line for friendship work. He also made a motion that the World Congress adopts this outstanding Congress Report.

The Turkish comrades, representing the Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Turkey (we cannot use their names in the press for security reasons) brought greetings from Turkish revolutionaries, who are working under extreme difficult conditions of terror, and stated that his organization wants this Congress to be a success. He supported the adoption of the main Congress Report but suggested that the wording of solidarity with "Soviet People" is not correct since there is no longer a Soviet Union but different republics, and therefore it should be changed to "solidarity with world people". Chairman Harpal Brar ruled this suggestion out of order as the aim of the resurrection of the USSR had already been discussed for two years.

Michael Opperskalski, Representative of "Offen-Siv", journal of the Communist Platform of the Party of Democratic Socialism (PDS) Hannover (Germany) Branch, supported the Congress Report. Dr. Professor Zbigniew Wiktor, Communist Party of Poland "Proletariat" supported the report. Professor Vladimir Herasymchuk, Chairman of the Ukraine-Canada Society and member of NSC Editorial Board, stated that the concept of Soviet People is alive and well and is not opposed to the concept of the struggle against imperialism and declared: "I am a Soviet person!"

Frank Trampus of the Canadian Friends of Soviet People, he thought that the report was very good and the date of 1953 should be kept since after 1953 Socialism was being slowly dismantled in the USSR, because it reflects the truth.

Larisa Babienko, Editor of Russian newspaper "For USSR" and Alexei Prigarine of the RCP-CPSU, (only 2 delegates from Russia that got visas) both supported the concept of Soviet people. During the hot discussions that followed, Michael Lucas cautioned all to please remember: "This is a Unity Congress!"

*There was further discussion by many delegates and a presentation by Harpal Brar on the present state of Imperialist world domination in which he strongly upheld Stalin and stated that only socialism can deliver humanity from misery. He urged all delegates to return the generosity of the Soviet Union of the past by organizing themselves into the International Council. Delegates voted to accept the Congress Report as amended. ("Number one task" on page 3 amended to read "a key task")

*Motion was made by Ray Stevenson that "this Congress will continue to struggle on behalf of the Turkish people and all the peoples of the world against imperialism in the spirit of friendship and solidarity." Motion seconded and carried unanimously.

*Alexei Prigarine, leader of the RCP-CPSU suggested that Page 4 of the Congress Report be amended regarding Stalin. Michael Lucas explained that "anti-Stalinism is Anti-Socialism" and pointed out that imperialism and enemies of socialism dwell on anti-Stalinism because he represented and represents the crux of Socialism, but accepted the amendment to cut out from his Congress report the phrase "before 1953" in the interest of Congress unity. Vote on the amendment was carried unanimously.

*Raffle of an oil painting, depicting the marshlands of Canada, donated by Michael Lucas was won by Carmen Gomez Trujillo, delegate from the Communist Party of Mexico.

*Election of the Recording Secretary. Motion made and seconded to elect Rose of Ray O Light as Secretary. Ray O Light will act as Secretary when Rose will be chairperson. Motion carried.

*Election of Chairpersons: Motion made sand seconded to elect Harpal Brar of England, Will Lambert of Canada (who was not able to be present); Ray O Light of USA, Ray Berbling from the Australian–Soviet Friendship Society, Magalios Christos, Secretary of International Relations for A/Synechia, Greece. Rose O Light was added after the question of women representation was raised. Motion carried.

*Report by Ludo Martens, from the Belgian Workers Party, ("Another View of Stalin") was read by Jef Bossuyt. Written report and translations into Spanish, Russian and French were provided. Discussion the report followed.

*Motion made by Ray Stevenson that this World Congress establish and International Commission, including representatives from former Soviet Union, taking into account the harm done to the working class of all the world through anti-Stalinism and develop means to counter in the name of solidarity, friendship and anti-imperialist struggles. Motion was discussed at length but it was not acted upon. It was clear from the discussion that those who have led this friendship work have been strong supporters of Stalin. But this is not appropriate for this friendship society to undertake.

(Chaired by Michael Opperskalski, Representative of "Offen-Siv," journal of the Communist Platform of the Party of Democratic Socialism (PDS) Hannover (Germany) Branch

* The Congress Registration Fees were collected by Helen Lucas the Financial Secretary of the Organizing Committee, NSC and CFSP.

* Greetings were read from Oleg Shenin, Chairman of the Union of Communist Parties-CPSU.

*Greetings were read from Communist Party Bolsheviks Ukraine

*Greetings were read by Viktor Bourenkov from the New Communist Party of Britain.

*A Universal Appeal for International Friendship, Solidarity with the peoples of the Dismantled Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and against "Globalized" Corporate War, Exploitation and Corporate Created Disunity of all People" – presented by Ray Stevenson. (This written draft was in all of delegates’ portfolios.) Document discussed and referred back to Ray Stevenson for minor changes.

*Election of the Resolutions Committee – Michael Lucas proposed Ricardo Gutierrez from Mexico, Malasi Ngandu from Congo, Mate Zalka from Spain, Alexei Prigarine from Russia. Jef Bossuyt from Belgium, Magalios Christos from Greece. Vote to accept the proposals for Resolutions Committee. Jef Bossuyt was made Chairman.

*Election of the Nominations Committee

Michael Lucas proposed Harpal Brar from England, Lloyd Redstone from Canada, Ray O Light from USA, Rafael Martinez from Germany, Pedro Castro from Brazil, Professor Herasymchuk from Ukraine, Ray Berbling from Australia. Vote to accept proposals for Nominations Committee. Ray O Light was made Chairman.

*Session ended with Toasts to the Congress by Jef Bossuyt, George Gruenthal, Rose O Light and Alexei Prigarine.



(Chaired by Rafael Martinez, Editorial Board of "Zashchita" Trade Union of Russia – Germany)

*Delegations Reports continued:

-Dr. Adelard Paquin, an active member of Organizing Committee, NSC and Quebec Society of CFSP.

-Ricardo C. Gutierrez, Secretary General of the Mexican Communist Party.

-Giovanni Viera – General Secretary of the Brazilian Institute of Socialist Culture

-Magalios Christos –The Secretary of International Relations A/Synechia - Greece

-Svetlana Benedikt – Karl Marx Society of Hungary.

-Savio Dominico – First Secretary of the Communist Party of Italy – Marxist-Leninist.

-Larisa Babienko – Editor of Russian newspaper "For USSR," Moscow.

*Representatives of Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Turkey complained that many speakers have not addressed the issues of the Congress. They questioned again the concept of using "Soviet People" and suggested again that this be replaced with "Friendship and Solidarity with Soviet Union and Soviet People before the 20th Congress." After various speakers from the delegates, it was decided to give them extra time to state their point of view again.

*Ray O Light challenged the Soviet comrades to take up the project as reported and urged in the Congress Report of forming a United Front to support the International Council for Friendship and Solidarity with Soviet People. Chairman Rafael Martinez supported this challenge to the comrades from the Soviet Union (total of 3 delegates while 21 other Soviets delegates that registered did not get their Canadian visa)

(Chaired by Ray O Light, Editorial Board of NSC, member of the Organizing Committee)

-Michael Opperskalski presented "Some Theses on the so-called "New World Order" (The written report was in the delegates’ portfolios).

-Felipe Delbarrio read a Statement on behalf of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines. (Written statement was in delegates’ portfolios)

-Redmond Guerrero – member of the CFSP and NSC and Migrate International, made a presentation "On Broadening Our Work." (Written report was in each delegates’ portfolio). After a brief discussion of the delegates present, in which both the young and elder delegates took part, the gist of the report was unanimously adopted.

-Mate Zalka, CPS (reconstituted) stated that the links between Spain and the former USSR go way beyond friendship and solidarity and pledged to work with other organizations in Spain to put up a Spanish version of Northstar Compass.

-Aubrey Bowman, of the Workers Association of Britain gave a rousing speech which had delegates applauding.

-Flo Giblett – member of the Organizing Committee and the Stalin Society of Great Britain gave a report on the work they are doing and an analysis of the struggles we are involved in.

*Announcement that the work of the Congress Resolutions Committee and the Nominations Committee will begin in the upstairs offices at 7pm.

*Ending the session was a toast to the delegates by Rafael Martinez of Germany.

(Chaired by Ray O Light)

(Presented by Professor Dr. Zbigniew Wiktor of the Communist Party of Poland "Proletariat")

-Jef Bossuyt said that he had been waiting for three years for this and he fully supports the document as it is. He stressed that we all need to move from words to deeds.

-Alexei Prigarine of Russia proposed a number of changes which the chairman led the discussion point by point:

Prigarine wanted to delete "all Patriots and Fighters for the Resurrection of the USSR" from the end of the first paragraph of the proposed Statutes to "Soviet People".

Congress voted overwhelmingly to keep the wording as it is. His other proposals were also defeated while some suggestions were accepted.

-Dr. Zbigniew Wiktor mentioned that it is at the moment not reasonable in Poland to form a Polish-Soviet Friendship Society, since the Polish government would reject this move.

-Turkish comrades asked again about what will the name of the organization be after we elect the International Council…because they will not participate as delegates if the name is not changed to "Soviet people as existed in USSR prior to 1953. The chairman pointed out that this decision on the names was already made yesterday and voted upon. The Turkish delegates then placed themselves as "observers" instead of delegates.

-Mate Zalka presented a list of nine proposals that were submitted before the Congress. They are all in the delegate’ portfolios. Out of nine proposals, seven were accepted while two were rejected by the delegates.

-Michael Lucas stated again that all of the suggestions that were sent in before the Congress were taken into account when drafting the Statutes.

-Brazilian delegates pointed out that point 3 under Participation in the International Council" be eliminated. Suggestion was accepted.

-Frank Trampus CFSP, NSC moved a motion to adopt the Statutes. The motion was enthusiastically seconded by numerous delegates. Motion carried overwhelmingly.


-Harpal Brar, member of the Organizing Committee opened up the discussion. After discussion, it was decided that the location of the Council be located in Toronto, Canada, at least for the next two years.


-Ray O Light, member of Organizing Committee presented this report, which was in the delegates’ portfolios. Harpal Brar, the chairman of the session commented about the presentation, which was emotional by Ray O Light and asked the Congress "What is your pleasure?"

-Motion was made that the official organ be Northstar Compass, that the headquarters of this publication be in Toronto, Canada and that Michael Lucas remain as its Chief Editor. Motion was passed overwhelmingly with one vote opposed.

Many delegates expressed support for the publication. Rafael Martinez of Germany volunteered to work with George Gruenthal and help also in translation work. Mate Zalka suggested that NSC should contain a cultural section. Viktor Bourenkov thanked the Editorial Board for their hard work in promoting the restoration of the USSR and socialism and asked that more attention be paid to the workers struggles in firmer Soviet Union.

*Greetings were read from the Marxist Workers Communist Party of Australia; the Communist Party of Peru (Red Fatherland); from the Iraqi Communist Party the greetings was presented by Hazzim Yousif, member of US Friends of Soviet People.


George Gruenthal, member of NSC Board, USFSP, of Organizing Committee and in charge of Northstar Compass Web Site presented a report, which each delegate had in their portfolio. He mentioned the importance of maintaining and expanding this Web Site of NSC, since over years there were thousands of "bites" from all over the world…thus NSC gets the message across the world. Viktor Bourenkov from Russia-Wales thanked George Gruenthal for maintaining the site and he is willing to help enlarge the site. The chairman asked all delegates, upon returning back to promote this web site of NSC…


*Ray Berbling, chairman of Australian-Soviet Friendship Society read greetings from Australian Friends.


This written report was followed by all delegates on their own copy and was presented by Michael Lucas. The main suggestion was that the Soviet parties, organizations and publications that signed the Call, and the Soviet delegates that are at this Congress, upon their return should try to involved the masses in setting up a Union of Soviet Friendship Society with Foreign Countries, which will we the counterpart of the International Council.

After the report was made and discussion took place, there was a motion by Jerry Morse of Canada and seconded by Aubrey Bowman of England, the report was accepted with one small correction.

The change was to add the words "where possible" in the first point of the report so that it would read:

"In each country, represented here at this Congress, there must be set up a Friendship Society with Soviet People where possible, which must be a united front organization devoted to the aims that we all agreed upon at this World Congress. This organization should involve all strata of the population that sees the need for this friendship, not only fir Soviet people, but also in their struggles against imperialism and exploitation in their own countries."

*Session ended with toasts to the Congress led by Ray O Light.



(Chaired by Rose of Ray O Light Group)

*Michael Opperskalski announced the death of Karl Eduard Van Schnitzler, founder of the Socialist Unity Party of Germany, who, after the GDR was liquidated, stood up against the German Bourgeois reaction in defense of the revolutionary heritage of GDR. Moment of silence was observed.

*Professor Vladimir Herasymchuk read his poem in Russian, dedicated to mother of Michael Lucas who passed away, titled "Shooting Star". Ray Stevenson then presented a gift CD of Paul Robeson’s Peace Arch Concert to Professor Herasymchuk and told the story of Paul Roberson and the worldwide campaign to return his passport to travel and allow the world to hear his music.

*Motion made by Giovanni Viera of the Instituto Brasilio de Cultura Socialista, which has consistently contributed to the work of building for World Congress:

"We would like to pay tribute to the young 23 year old Italian political activist, Carlo Giuliani, brutally murdered while protesting the 8-Group Summit that was held in Genoa, Italy in July of 2001. Carlo Giuliani has become the symbol of the anti-globalization movement around the world. His death has not been in vain." Motion adopted.

*Michael Lucas reported that we have received 73 greetings to this World Congress. He then read greetings from:

Ana Maria Gelabert, political prisoner in Texas, USA jail; Dr. Angelo D-Angelo of the US Friends of Soviet People; Doug Townsend of Canada; Communist Party of Romania which invites a delegation from this Congress to their Bucharest meeting and from the Workers Communist Party of Denmark which decided to join the International Council.

*Rafael Martinez gave a report on behalf of "Zashchita" (Defense) Trade Union of Russia, which represents perhaps 20,000 workers throughout Russia where there are 30-50 million factory workers who are underpaid, overworked and in wage arrears He reported that since 1980, there had been powerful strikes of millions of workers protesting not payment on time of wages. He reported further that in the early 1990’s, there was an anti-communist hysteria among the Soviet working class in response to the hardships of the 1980’s, resulting in a drop of life expectancy, etc. More recently, rank and file workers have shown the ability to unite, despite some communist party’s sectarianism.

*SPECIAL MOTION by Ray Stevenson.

"This World Congress, representing 17 countries, extends to the working class of the Soviet People our heartfelt and undying solidarity and friendship. We will extend whatever and all of the fraternal, moral and material assistance we can bring to you and that meets whatever demands you may place before us in various countries and territories. We have a world to win. We know that your united and militant activity is the key to resurrecting socialism in your land and the word!" Passed unanimously.

*Delegates’ statements from:

-Ivan Petrik, NSC, CFSP
-Mick Kelly of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization in USDA
-Mike Popovich, CFSP and Canadian Slav Committee


Chairman Ray O Light presented the names of proposed candidates for the Executive Committee of the International Council:

Chairman Michael Lucas Canada
Vice chairman Pedro Castilho Brazil
Vice chairman Harpal Brar England
Secretary George Gruenthal USA
Financial Coordinator Helen Lucas Canada
Associate Ray Stevenson Canada
Editors: Ray O Light USA
Ludo Martens Belgium
Members/ Dr. A. Paquin Canada
Controllers: Zbigniew Wiktor Poland
Mate Zalka Spain
S. Benedikt Hungary
Felipe Delbarrio Canada
Representative Australia

This proposal was accepted by the Nominations Committee and since there were no other nominations, the Nominating Committee asked for a vote.

Delegates accepted the proposals and voted unanimously for the new Executive Committee of the International Council.

Report by the Nominations Committee for the Editorial Board of Northstar Compass journal was presented by the chairman – Ray O Light.

Chief Editor Michael Lucas Canada
Associate Editors: Ray Stevenson Canada
Ray O Light USA
Ludo Martens Belgium
Subscriptions Dr. A. Paquin Canada
Financial Secretary Helen Lucas Canada
Promotions Redmond Guerrero Canada
Columnists: Harpal Brar Britain
VladimirHerasymchuk Ukraine
Translators: Viktor Bourenkov Britain
Rafael Martinez Germany

Michael Opperskalski of Germany declined his nomination. Several nominations were made from the floor including from Russia. Michael Lucas made a motion that was seconded by Ray O Light that in the interest of development of unity, no nominations for the Editorial Board from the former Soviet Union be accepted at this time. Alexei Prigarine withdrew his nomination with respect for the opinion expressed by Michael Lucas.

Motion was carried. Delegates voted to elect the nominated slate of candidates as amended.

(Chaired by Harpal Brar of England)

-Ray O Light pointed out that in the Toronto newspaper there was a story in the Globe & Mail that projected a Big Lie that the "original model for all modern terrorists and for Osama Bin Laden in particular was Vladimir Lenin, conscience of the Russian revolution." Canadian friends should give a written response to this.

-Magalios Christos from Greece expressed concern on behalf of A/synechia for the way the Turkish comrades were treated at this Congress.

-Turkish comrades thanked those that organized this Congress. They lamented that their suggestion was not accepted. Their position is that after the20th Congress of the CPSU the Soviet Union was not a socialist country and this is a question of principle for them. They would stay as observers, but they want to maintain contact with the International Council.

-George Gruenthal stated that he felt that the words "before 1953" were irrelevant.

-Alexei Prigarine that he supports the Turkish comrades fight against the Turkish government, but that they should not be upset. Ray O Light objected on the point of order that Alexei Prigarine is not following the time allotted to each speaker. Chairman Harpal Brar allowed Prigarine to continue but gave him a time limit.

-Mate Zalka stated that he represents a party, not a newspaper and as Bolsheviks we do make mistakes and are willing to be self-critical. We object being called Trotskyite because our party had fought long and hard against Trotskyism and we support Stalin in Spain for 30 years. The Communist Party of Spain takes a dialectical approach to the Soviet Union and that 1956 began the process of disintegration.

(Presented by Jef Bossuyt, Chairman)

A summary of the resolutions and their disposition follows:

*Resolution 1: "On the Terrorist Attacks and the Preparation of War"

The representative of Lalkar spoke in opposition to paragraph 1 of the proposed resolution, claiming that the attack on the World Trade Centre was not a "terroristic act" but an extension of the national liberation struggle. He suggested that we delete this paragraph and proposed an alternative. Jeff Bossuyt spoke in support of the paragraph and quoted 3 texts that had taken a position of condemning the state terrorism of US imperialism and other imperialists while also opposing the terrorist attack in New York City on September 11th, from the Russian Communist Workers Party, the Communist Party of the Philippines and the government of Cuba. Flo Giblett said she felt it was just that the Pentagon, center or world-wide imperialist aggression had been bombed and pointed out that the World Trade Center was also the center for planning aggression against the people of the world. She asked, about feeling sorry for the 4 million people who die every year of starvation. George Gruenthal pointed out that nobody knows who carried out these actions. No group in the world claimed responsibility. He suggested using "attack" instead of "terror bombing" and deleting "Washington" and the entire second sentence. He said that in New York, people feel "we are attacked" and therefore it has to be condemned in order to reach people there.

-Amendment proposed by the representative of Lalkar to replace the first paragraph failed. Vote was 13 for, 15 against, with 9 abstentions.

-Amendment by George Gruenthal to change "terror bombing" to "attack", eliminate "Washington" and delete second sentence carried: 19 for, 5 against, 7 abstentions.

-Rose from Ray O Light Group proposed "US" be changed to "US imperialism" in paragraph 3. Proposal accepted. Also, adding "including reactionary Arab regimes" on line 2ter "currents". Amendment carried with 21for, 6 against and 2 abstentions. There was also agreement that "state of Israel" would be added after "Zionist aggression" in paragraph 7.

-Resolution 2: "Free Political Prisoners – Fighters for Socialism".

Rafael Martinez suggested that we leave out Slobodan Milosevic's name out. Proposal was then supported by Jef Bossuyt. Dr, Zbigniew Wiktor said that if we removed this, we would need another resolution. 15 voted to support, 17 opposed. Motion failed. George Gruenthal proposed adding 2 more paragraphs from the proposals of Mate Zalka in support of Turkish political prisoners and Spanish political prisoners. Proposal carried.

-Resolution 3: "Agitational Work amongst the Youth" and "Resolution on the Soviet Wear Veterans of World War II". Carried unanimously.

-Resolution 4: "Hands off the undividable sovereign Democratic Republic of Congo". Adopted.

-Resolution 5: "Solidarity with Palestinian and Iraqi People"

Ray O Light proposed deleting the phrase "aimed at establishing a pro-imperialist regime in Baghdad. Proposal carried 24 for, 6 against. Proposal to support Iraqi Communist Party carried, 20 for, 12 against. Motion made and seconded to adopt the resolution. Carried.

-Resolution 6: "Solidarity with Colombian people against the prepared aggression". Rafael Martinez made a proposal to take out reference to FARC and the Communist Party of Colombia. Proposal failed 10 for, 11 against. Motion made and seconded and carried.

-Resolution 7: "Solidarity with Spanish political prisoners". Adopted.

-Resolution 8: "Solidarity with political prisoners in Turkey". Adopted.

-Jef Bossuyt was thanked by the chairman for a very difficult and often hot tempered exchanges during this very important session on the resolutions.

-Ray Stevenson stated that we are facing the problems and also the achievements that go along with the growth, and wished everyone well in the fight for solidarity with the Soviet people. He proposed that the document Universal Appeal be referred to the incoming Executive Committee of the International Council to rework it for united action. Motion was made and seconded and accepted by acclamation.

-Michael Lucas introduced Lloyd Redstone of Canada from CFSP and NSC as one of the backbones of the organization. Lloyd thanked the delegates for their participation and pointed out that most of the funds has been provided by Mike and Helen Lucas and the great Society of Carpatho-Russian Canadians. He called for contributions of money and articles for NSC. He also wished that he shall see socialism in his lifetime (he’s 74 years old) and urged all of us to "get going!"

-Magalios Christos said that we was very touched and would never forget the hospitality received. He appreciated the opportunity to speak in the name of A/Synechia of Greece and encouraged us to always remember the millions of comrades who gave their lives in the fight and we cannot let them down. No matter what our differences are, he urged that we all unite in the fight against the enemy of mankind – the Imperialist New World Order.

-Alexei Prigarine expressed support for the successful World Congress. He thanked Michael Lucas, Ray Stevenson and Helen Lucas and the Organizing Committee of the World Congress. He stated that the aim for victory of socialism in the Soviet Union and in the whole world shall be victorious.

-Harpal Brar said that he has expected this World Congress to be boring, but instead, found it a vibrant body of people who made good arguments in the spirit of comradeship. He stated that imperialism attacked Stalin in an effort to destroy the internationalist working class’ confidence in itself to struggle for power. He also said that the Soviet Union lives in the minds of hundreds of millions of people around the world and urged that we rides above petty differences and work for internationalism.

-Michael Lucas as the new Chairman of the International Council and Chief Editor of Northstar Compass, commented that we have given him and the rest of the newly elected leadership a big responsibility as a 75 year young man, following in the footsteps of his revolutionary family, some who died in the Spanish Civil War.

He urged all the delegates not to be only paper members of the newly formed International Council, but to fulfill our responsibilities to ourselves and to the people in our own countries by contributing to the work that lies ahead. He urged all delegates to respond when he writes, and warned all that if we do not actively participate, the new committees would not be able to publish Northstar Compass journal as it had been published in the past. He urged comrades from the former Soviet Union to set aside their differences, not just for themselves, but also for all of humanity. Finally, he wished all the delegates speedy and safe return home, good health and raised the toast to the successful conclusion of the World Congress.

The World Congress concluded with the playing of the Soviet National Anthem and the singing of the International.

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