A New Force Was Born!

Seventy-two delegates from 17 countries who attended the World Congress, held in Toronto, Canada on September 21-22-23, proclaimed their unity and dedication to help the Soviet people resurrect the Soviet Union and Socialism. In order to help in a practical and effective manner, after three days of discussions, debates and sometimes very heated exchange of opinions the Congress elected an Executive Committee to carry on the work of the International Council for Friendship and Solidarity with Soviet People.

The Organizing Committee was swamped with requests to accept delegates to such an extent that the Organizing Committee had to curtail registrations since the premises (the Friendship House) could only contain legally about 103 people. Therefore many delegates were then told that they should not come.

With the September 11th tragedy in New York and Washington and the consequent war hysteria that hit the traveling industry, plus the security measures brought in place, and the visits to the offices of the Organizing Committee by the officers of the Canadian RCMP Agency, questioning as to why are we having a Congress and naming names of registered delegates… the end result was that the Canadian Embassies in Byelorussia, Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, India, Chad, Congo, Nigeria and North Korea were refused visas to attend the World Congress.

In spite of these problems the Congress proceeded to deal with the accepted agenda and the decisions made will affect the work of the countries that did manage to send delegations. This Editorial is not meant to give the details that were discussed and adopted. Congress Report can be read in this issue, under the heading of "Minutes of World Congress" by the elected recording secretaries.

The question of the publication that will serve the formed International Council was discussed and by unanimous vote it was decided that NORTHSTAR COMPASS shall be the official organ of the Council and be located in Toronto, Canada.

Question of outmost importance was decided upon as to where should the new Executive Committee of the International Council be situated. Unanimously the delegates agreed that until the next World Congress is held in Europe, the headquarters of the Executive Committee of International Council should remain in Toronto, Canada. In two years time, at the next World Congress, the head office of the International Council will be situated in Europe.

Every reader of Northstar Compass has by now received the Congress Statement, the adopted Resolutions, plus the names of the Executive Committee of the International Council and the Editorial Board of Northstar Compass. We hope that you will write us your opinion on these important documents.

You have also received the Statement about the Congress and some disruptive undertakings that we have defeated at the Congress. Lately you have also received the Executive Committee’s Statement regarding the attack against Afghanistan. We also hope that you will spread our stated position as widely as possible.

Dear friends:

We have received many requests for the COMPLETE documentation of the World Congress. Naturally this cannot be published in NSC, since the document is 215 pages…it’s a book of immense interest for everyone and, it shall be the archive of the International Friends of Soviet People.

The cost of printing is close to $1000 dollars and on top of that the mailing across the world is very high. BUT…in order for you to know, understand and appreciate the scope of our world -wide contacts, you have to peruse these 215 pages to get the full pure and appreciation.

We’re asking for donations to help us send this world congress document to all our contacts in the world.

We do need $5,0000 in order to do so!

Please help us to give a good start to the newly formed eight-country Executive Committee of the International Council and the Editorial Committee composed of members from seven countries!!

Please send all your donations to "Northstar Compass."

One of the decisions of the Congress which must be put into high gear at this time is for each country that was represented at the World Congress is the setting up in the countries a Friendship Society with Soviet People as was done by our grandfathers and grandmothers in 1918 when they set up the "Hands Off Russia Committee" in many countries of the world. It will be these Friendship Societies that the work of helping the Soviet People will be done… a United Front that will show our Soviet friends that there are friends all over the world that arte willing to help them, and this help ourselves against creeping fascism and the danger of war.

In turn, the Soviet delegates agreed that in order for this cooperation to bear fruit, it is up to each former Soviet Republic in coordination with the International Council, that on the territory of former USSR they should set up the "Union of Soviet Friendship Societies with Foreign Countries", which will be the body that will keep in contact with the Friendship Societies all over the world through the International Council.

Executive Committee of the International Council

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