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Northstar Compass History

Northstar Compass carries on the traditions of the "Hands Off Russia Committee", that were established internationally in 1918 to help protect the young Soviet Republic from foreign intervention.

Today, after the Soviet Union was dissolved against the wishes of the majority of people, the Soviet people are again looking to their supporters abroad for assistance in rebuilding the once great Soviet State

This year Northstar Compass will be celebrating its 18th year of publication. In this time it has played a unique role, especially in the English and French language media. At a time when much of the left was despondent over the temporary downfall of the Soviet Union and others on the "left" took this as an excuse to move to open Social Democracy (and, of course, the bourgeoisie and their press were celebrating), NSC clearly pinned the blame on imperialism and revisionism, especially Gorbachev’s revisionism.

Northstar Compass played a historic role for several reasons:

1) It defended the history of the Soviet Union, the building of the first state of the working class, the dictatorship of the proletariat. It defended the history of socialist industrialization and the collectivization of agriculture, the leading role of the Soviet Union in defeating fascism in World War II, all under the correct leadership of Joseph Stalin and the Bolshevik Party that he headed.

2) NSC traced the roots of revisionism back to Khrushchev’s attack on Stalin and the beginning of the dismantling of socialism at that time, through to Gorbachev’s complete liquidation of socialism and the Soviet Union, and Yeltsin’s counter-coup of 1991 and his attack on the Supreme Soviet of that year.

3) NSC showed the devastating conditions that the working people of the Soviet Union were subjected to with the open restoration of capitalism: closing of factories, loss of jobs, hunger, homelessness, dismantling of the health care system, mass emigration of people looking for work, the decline on the average life span, absolute decline in population, etc.

4) NSC pointed out that, without the Soviet Union, the US as only superpower was unimpeded by any other state power in its quest for world dominance.

This was at a time when the lying capitalist press was crowing about the benefits of "freedom" and "democracy" that capitalism had brought.

5) Maybe most importantly, NSC brought news of the resurgent communist and workers’ parties, not just in Russia but throughout the former Soviet Union, which are fighting to restore socialism and the Soviet Union.

This historic role Northstar Compass has carried out consistently over 18 years, publishing a monthly edition of about 1200 copies which are circulated all over the world, including 350 copies in Canada and 100 in the U.S. and the rest elsewhere, including in the former Soviet Union. This work could not have been done without the tireless work of Michael Lucas with the assistance of Helen Lucas. Since November of 2001, Northstar Compass has also appeared in a French edition, now published every other month by Dr. Adelard Paquin. And beginning in 2005, the Soviet Society for Friendship with Foreign Countries has put out a Russian edition.

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