Attack On Socialism

Last week in the United Nations, President Trump gave a speech covering a wide range of topics. He did so with his usual gusto. We will ignore, for the time being, his pronouncements on other subjects but we will not ignore his grotesque slander of Socialism.

Mr. Trump chose to misrepresent Socialism and this particular time, his UN speech deserves to be characterized as hate speech or at least fake news, something he has talked a lot about lately. His presidency has taken deliberate aim to destroy the few remaining Socialist states. Cuba and the DPRK have been targeted openly and systematically while Venezuela is being under attack for years by the CIA secretly and clandestinely.

To speak of Socialism as a failed system is both untrue, devious and underhanded, since Socialism has never been given a chance to prove its worth. Ever since the October Socialist Revolution in 1917, the capitalist world has done its utmost to suffocate the new socialist state and make them dysfunctional. Socialism was never allowed to live or fail on its own merits but was always under all kinds of attacks imaginable, quarantined, sabotaged, and denied its rightful place in the world. The capitalists have even succeeded in brainwashing their own working class to fear Socialism. If Socialism is really such a god awful system of workers and peasants, why do the Americans have to spend trillions of dollars trying to destroy it? The reason is clear. Socialism is an ideological threat to capitalism because it exposes the exploitation of workers by the capitalists and the capitalists want to maintain their dominant positions in all societies, perpetuating their political hold on power. V.I. Lenin has written even before the revolution that the capitalists will never stop trying to overthrow worker’s power and restore capitalist rule.

To conclude, Mr. Trump needs to tell us how much his country has spent trying to destroy Socialism in Venezuela. How big is the Venezuela contingent in the CIA and other secret operations and why did they try to assassinate President Maduro? He is never going to tell us that and we will never believe his fake news about socialism. As an answer to President Trump’s diatribe against Socialism, here is a poem about Socialism that is at least 50 years old from an author fearing for his safety and remaining anonymous. 

A Socialist Poem

My papa is a Socialist, my mama too, and I,
And if you’ll wait a minute now, I’ll tell the reason why;
I’m sure that when you understand, you certainly will see;
You’d better all be Socialists, and vote with pa and me.

You see this earth is long and wide, good things above, below,
And there are lots of people too, who want to make things go;
Besides, we’re all just quite alike, need food and clothes and rest,
And if we all were Socialists, we all would share earth’s best.

But now John D. owns all the oil, most banks, and railroads, too,
And then a few own all the land, so what can poor folks do
But tramp and starve and beg for jobs, and work and work and work?
And all the wealth we make but scraps; we give the wealthy shirk.
Now isn’t every papa, most the very biggest goose,
To give away most all he makes to men who don’t produce?
So that a few rich families may all be living fine,
While all the weary working folks must suffer, want and pine.

And then they do such foolish things, I often wonder why,
They “strike” and lose their jobs, and let us freeze and starve and cry;
When, if all joined the Socialists, in four years more or five,
We’d all be wealthy partners in the world’s great working hive.

For if they’d stop to think, they’d see how easy ‘twas to make
Together, all we’d want to have, and what we’d make, we we’d take;
So that the children, all alike, our papas, mamas, too,
Would all enjoy earth’s happiness, as Socialists want all too.

So papa is a Socialist, mama, we children too;
We want to make all children rich and happy too, don’t you?
Good food and homes, nice shoes and clothes, we children want, don’t you?
So all of us are Socialists; please, won’t you be one too?

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