Oleg Shenin Passed Away in Moscow

Oleg Shenin was a long-time member of the CC CPSU, holding many important government posts inside the Soviet Government and responsible for the great help that Soviet Union gave to Afghanistan.

He was the Secretary of the Soviet Politbureau, and when the counter-revolution took over and the massacre took place of the defenders of the Supreme Soviet (White House) by Yeltsin’s regime, although he was not a member of the CC CPSU committee that tried to overthrow Yeltsin, he sympathized with them.

After the success in August of the counter-revolution, he was arrested and put into prison by Yeltsin in Moscow, where he had to undergo two serious operations.

After he was freed together with other anti-Yeltsin Communists he became active in trying to reconstruct the CPSU. Until his death he wanted to reconstitute the USSR, even though his methods and dedication were criticized by many other communist party leaderships.

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