Peter Morozoff

Dear friends of the Soviet People:

Just a short note to let NSC and CFSP know that Peter passed away March 11th in Watson, SK.

Best wishes to all of you to carry on the struggle against Imperialism and for justice in the world. Peter’ belief in peace and harmony of all nations on this beautiful planet Earth was his dream. May Global Peace be achieved.

Carry on the struggle for peace on Earth and harmony for the benefit of all nations. Enclosed is my renewal for NSC.

Bella Morozoff

Peter Morozoff was not only a staunch peace activist and a believer in Socialism, he was the Chairman of the Quill Lake Branch in Canada and took part in all of the Conferences and Conventions that the Canada-USSR Association held, besides welcoming Soviet delegations that were touring Canada. His dedication should be an inspiration to all Canadians and all the progressive people. He never wavered from his beliefs and his dedication was solid and true.

He shall be sorely missed!

Michael Lucas – Editor of NSC

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