In memoriam of Boris Mikhailovich Gunko

On May, 4, after an athletic training, our comrade Boris Mikhailovich Gunko died suddenly.

All these years of "reforms" and "democracy" Boris Mikhailovich Gunko – a poet, a communist, a fire-eater and a fighter – was at the front line of the struggle. He was one of the founders of the Russian Communist Workers’ Party (RWCP), the editor of the newspapers "Dubinushka" ["Cudgel"] and "Trudovaya Rossia" ["Labour Russia"]. For many years Boris Mikhailovich Gunko had been organizing meetings and pickets in defense of the Lenin Museum and the Lenin Mausoleum – near the building of the Lenin Museum, near K.Marx monument at Teatralnaya square, etc.

Not a large demonstration went without Boris Mikhailovich. He was an active participant of violent events of Autumn 1993 near the Soviet House in Moscow. Comrade Gunko repeatedly had to take part in fights against bourgeois Yeltsin’s police – in 1992 and during the Bloody May Day of 1993.

One could consistently meet Boris Mikhailovich at meetings, demonstrations where he was reading flammeous poems. B.M. Gunko issued three poetic digests: "Selected poems" (a digest of three parts: "Russia is waiting", "Demo-thieves" and "Ours"), "Wicked poems", "Revolution and love". His poems were consistently published in communist press – in the newspapers "Trudovaya Rossia", "Molnia" ["Lightning"], "Mysl" ["Thought"] and many, many others. Besides, his poetic word inspired many composers to create fierce songs of Resistance.

Besides, Boris Mikhailovich was leading the art studio "Soyuz" ["Union"] famous with its concerts at Kharitonyevskiy passage. Not only poems and songs of Resistance but also classic that he loved tremulously were sounding there.

The heart of the poet-communist stopped beating. His passionate, fighting, courageous poems – the poetry of unbroken spirit and struggle – will remain with us.

Elena Gromova

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