On Thursday, June 22, 2006 the progressive movement has lost one of its staunchest and most dedicated comrades, who after a long illness passed away at the age of 97 in Toronto, Canada.

Nellie was born in the Carpathian Mountains of Poland and immigrated to Canada with thousands of others because of poverty, but after coming to Canada in 1927, the oncoming economic crisis of the Great Depression years, found Nellie struggling on the farms and then in the city, in order to survive and raise a family.

She immediately found her way into the Lemko Association organization, then to the Carpatho-Russian Society and then to the Aid to Russia Fund during the Great Patriotic War. She was very active in the Canada-USSR Association, now called the (Canadian Friends of Soviet People), plus in other progressive ranks in order to help organize trade unions. She was an active member of the Congress of Canadian Women.

Nellie was one of the spark plugs in the Carpatho-Russian Society, taking part in all of its many cultural and political activities. She had a good voice and sang in the choirs of the AUUC and WBA, plus taking part in concerts, festivals and welcoming the countless Soviet delegations that came regularly to visit the Canada-USSR Association at the Friendship House in Toronto, Canada. She was always elected as a delegate to the regular Conferences of the Association and of the Conventions of the SCRC.

Nellie Drotarowski (left) being presented with an award as the Best Cook at the many receptions held.

Nellie, together with other members of the CC SCRC voted unanimously to do the internationalist work together with the Canadian Friends of Soviet People and, to share the premises at the Friendship House in Toronto, besides to support whenever needed financially the publication of Northstar Compass journal.

Her spirit and her internationalist dedication to Socialism and the resurrection of the Soviet Union, was with her until she passed away.

The younger generations can learn much from her spirit and her love of life, since she was always an optimist, in spite of her illness and problems.

Her family and grandchildren will miss her because she was a very loving grandmother. We shall miss her immensely, but we promise to undertake and to carry on her spirit in our struggles for a better world, a world of Socialism!

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